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Welcome to CIESIN's Information Cooperative. The Information Cooperative is a distributed, electronic data and information system created to address the information needs of users concerned with understanding global environmental change and sustainable development issues.

The Information Cooperative provides easy access to major data archives and resource centers that electronically share their catalog information (metadata) and actual data. It links well-established information centers and agencies from around the world, including the United Nations and many non-governmental organizations.

The centers and agencies that participate in the Information Cooperative are called "partners." Many Information Cooperative partners operate computer servers ("nodes") on the system that are used for several purposes. Chiefly, a node provides services for searching catalogs, browsing data, staging and archiving data, and as a platform for data analysis and information conditioning. Nodes are also being established among organizations within developing countries and nations with transitional economies to better share data of national interest. These nodes are described as Country Nodes.

Select Information Cooperative Partners for an interactive map and current list of partners. The map and the list provide links to the electronic Guides of the partner organizations. Select How to Become a Partner for more information on membership in the Information Cooperative.


The objectives of CIESIN's Information Cooperative are:

What resources and tools are available?

The Information Cooperative provides access to a number of information resources and electronic tools to aid your search or data analysis. The resources and tools include:

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