World Tables Variables


Government deficit or surplus
Defined as the sum of current and capital revenue and all grants received, less the sum of current and capital expenditure and government lending minus repayments.

Current revenue
Comprises tax revenue and nontax revenue. Capital receipts are excluded. Tax revenue covers tax on income, profits, social security contributions, taxes on property, domestic taxes on goods and services, etc. Nontax revenue consists of grants, property income and operating surpluses of departmental enterprises, receipts from public enterprises, administrative fees and charges, fines, etc.

Current expenditure
Expenditure for goods and services, interest payments, and subsidies and other current transfers. Excludes capital payments.

Current budget balance
The excess of current revenue over current expenditure.

Capital receipts
Proceeds from the sale of nonfinancial capital assets, including land, intangible assets, stocks, and fixed capital assets of buildings, construction, and equipment of more than a minimum value and usable for more than one year in the process of production, and receipts of unrequited transfers for capital purposes from nongovernmental sources.

Capital payments
Expenditure for acquisition of land, intangible assets, government stocks, and nonmilitary and nonfinancial assets; also for capital grants and lending minus repayments.