CIESIN Thematic Guides

Research and Development

Research is needed to develop strategies for mitigating the agricultural impacts of global climate change. An important research priority for understanding the relationship between the food system and global climate change is development of an emissions database representative of agricultural systems and growing conditions throughout the world, according to Changing by Degrees (U.S. Office of Technology Assessment 1991).

Olszyk and Ingram (1993) provide details of a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency/International Rice Research Institute program to study the effects of ultraviolet-B (UV-B) radiation and global climate change on rice production in the EPA/IRRI Cooperative Research Plan.

In Sustainable Agriculture and the Environment, Ruttan (1992) lists research implications that emerged from a dialogue between scientists. Parry (1990) suggests priorities for future research in Climate Change and World Agriculture. Sinha, Rao, and Swaminathan (1988) list implications for research and policy in "Food Security in the Changing Global Climate."