The European Man and the Biosphere Program Database

Dataset Abstract/Summary

Man and Biosphere (MAB) is an international research program with national committees which initiate and coordinate activities. It was established by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to conserve humanity's natural heritage (through biodiversity), to support integrated projects for sustainable development, to help cope with changes in man/environment interactions, to train conservation specialists, and to disseminate information about their research. EuroMAB is the European Man and Biosphere program.

EuroMAB ACCESS is a directory of the 175 biosphere reserves in North America and Europe that are part of EuroMAB. The directory is available in spreadsheet and database files for Apple Macintosh or IBM (and compatible) computers.

Biosphere reserves are established under UNESCO's Man and the Biosphere Program. The biosphere reserve enables the study of the plants, animals, climate and other environmental features of the region in which it exists. The biosphere reserve manager and National Committees are working to network these sites to enable them to share research and monitoring activities.

Archival and Access Information

Contact CIESIN User Services at 517-797-2727 or send e-mail to for a copy of this database. It is available in a Lotus 1-2-3 (version 2.0 or later) spreadsheet or a Microsoft Excel (version 3.0 or later) spreadsheet for Apple Macintosh and IBM PC (and compatible) computers.

EUROMAB.DBF contains EuroMAB biosphere reserve data in the dBase file format (which can be read by most database and spreadsheet programs). Due to limitations of the dBase file format, the entire database does not fit in one file. Most of the data appear in the file EUROMAB1.DBF. However, some data is contained in the file EUROMAB2.DBF, as well. Because of the size of these files, they are stored in compressed form. To decompress the files, move the EUROMAB.DBF file to the directory or folder where you would like to work with the files. Double click on the EUROMAB.DBF icon. Click on the box labeled "Extract" that appears. The files EUROMAB1.DBF and EUROMAB2.DBF will appear in the selected directory or folder.

Dataset Variables

There are 87 variables in earlier EuroMAB spreadsheet and database files and those 87 plus an additional 23 in the more recent files.

Data Acquisition/Collection Summary

Data from the EuroMAB1 and EuroMAB2 database files are in dBase format and have been extracted from the Directory of EuroMAB Biosphere Reserves. Data for the national contacts for biosphere reserves are NOT included in the files. Information is presented on each of the 175 biosphere reserves that are part of EuroMAB. In cases where one reserve is in two countries, data for the portion in each country appear at the end of the data listing. Otherwise, the data are arranged alphabetically by country, and within each country, alphabetically according to the name of the biosphere reserve.

Related Datasets

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Contacts and References

Roger Soles, Director
USMAB Secretariat
US Department of State
Washington, DC  20520-7818


MAB Secretariat
1 Rue Miollis
75015 Paris, FR
voice: 331-4568-4068
fax: 331-4065-9897