MIRIS Feature Files and Levels - Base Maps

Base Map Features

  l. Legend         Legend annotation if available
  2. Two Tracks     Two track roads
  3. Highways       State and Federal Highways, Freeways
  4. Minor Road     Minor streets/roads, residential roads
  6. Lakes          Lakes, ponds, and islands
  7. Rivers         Rivers and streams
  8. Drains         Drains and intermittent streams
  9. Railroads      Railroads
 10. Section #      Township section numbers
 11. Town Lines     Local governmental boundaries
 12. Shoreline      Great Lakes shoreline
 13. Airports       Paved airports
 14. Cnty Lines     County boundaries
 15. Pipeline       Utilities - oil~gas pipelines
 16. Airports       Unpaved (grass) airports
 17. Track Name     Text for two-track roads
 18. Cnty Roads     County road network
 l9. Road Names     Text for county roads
 20. Lake Names     Text for lakes, ponds, islands
 21. Town Names     Text for city and township units
 22. Shore Name     Text for Great Lakes
 23. River Name     Text for rivers and streams
 24. Drain Name     Text for drains and intermittent streams
 25. Sec Corner     Township section corners
 26. Rail Names     Text for railroads
 27. Aport Name     Text for airports
 29. Elec. Name     Text for electric transmission lines
 30. Cnty Names     Text for counties
 31. Pipe Names     Text for oil and gas pipelines
 32. Elec Lines     Electric transmission lines
 38. Quad Ticks     Topographic (Zone) quad grid ticks
 39. Quad Lines     Topographic quad outlines
 40. Quad Names     Topographic quad names
 53. Sec. Lines     Section lines broken
 60. Fr Claim #     French Claim numbers
 61. Clm Lines      French Claim boundaries
 62. Int Fr Clm     French Claim interior bour,dary lines
 63. Sec. Lines     Section lines (place lines)