The Institute for Social Studies (ISS UW) was established in January 1991 through an agreement between the University of Warsaw and the Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan. It is an interdisciplinary research center grouping sociologists, psychologists, economists, and political scientists.

The most important objective of the Institute is to promote modern interdisciplinary and international social research of theoretical and practical importance. Our aim is to create an intellectually stimulating

scientific environment and an efficient technical and organizational framework to carry out large complex research projects in the social sciences and at the same time to ensure the highest methodological standards for these studies. To this end the Institute cooperates closely with leading scientific centers engaged in social research and the cataloguing of research results in Poland and other countries.

The strategy and tasks of the Institute for Social Studies are set by the Scientific Council of ISS UW. A three-person Board supervises the daily operations of the ISS, which is divided into Research Centers whose activities are focused on problems specific to individual areas of the social sciences. These are the following:

Center for Sociological Studies

Center for Psychological Studies

Center for Economic Studies

Center for Political Studies

Center for the Study of Complex Systems

The activities of the Institute are supported by the Survey Operations Unit and the Secretariat.