Polish General Social Survey 1992-1993 14




VAR NO   QUESTION   MNEMONIC      VARIABLE LABEL                                 PAGE   
V1       -          pgssedit      PGSS edition                                   27     
V2       -          weight        ANALYSIS WEIGHT                                27     
V3       -          ID            RESPONDENT ID NUMBER                           27     
V4       -          voiev         Voivodeship of interview                       28     
V5       -          REgion        Region of interview                            29     
V6       -          SIze          Size of place in categories                    29     
V7       -          houscard      Is household card completed?                   29     
V8       -          ISSP          FILTER FOR ISSP CASES                          29     
V9       -          supplem       Filter for SUPPLEMENT                          29     
V10      -          Vernum        How many versions of questionnaire?            30     
V11      -          FORM          FORM OF SPLIT QUESTIONNAIRE ASKED              30     
V12      -          HOMPOP        NUMBER OF PERSONS IN HOUSEHOLD                 30     
V13      -          per1yr        PERSON#1: YEAR OF BIRTH; OLDEST PERSON         30     
V14      -          per1mth       PERSON#1: MONTH OF BIRTH                       30     
V15      -          per1sex       PERSON#1: SEX                                  30     
V16      -          per1rel       PERSON#1: RELATION WITH R                      30     
V17      -          per2yr        PERSON#2: YEAR OF BIRTH                        30     
V18      -          per2mth       PERSON#2: MONTH OF BIRTH                       30     
V19      -          per2sex       PERSON#2: SEX                                  30     
V20      -          per2rel       PERSON#2: RELATION WITH R                      30     
V21      -          per3yr        PERSON#3: YEAR OF BIRTH                        30     
V22      -          per3mth       PERSON#3: MONTH OF BIRTH                       30     
V23      -          per3sex       PERSON#3: SEX                                  30     
V24      -          per3rel       PERSON#3: RELATION WITH R                      30     
V25      -          per4yr        PERSON#4: YEAR OF BIRTH                        30     
V26      -          per4mth       PERSON#4: MONTH OF BIRTH                       30     
V27      -          per4sex       PERSON#4: SEX                                  30     
V28      -          per4rel       PERSON#4: RELATION WITH R                      30     
V29      -          per5yr        PERSON#5: YEAR OF BIRTH                        30     
V30      -          per5mth       PERSON#5: MONTH OF BIRTH                       30     
V31      -          per5sex       PERSON#5: SEX                                  30     
V32      -          per5rel       PERSON#5: RELATION WITH R                      30     
V33      -          per6yr        PERSON#6: YEAR OF BIRTH                        30     
V34      -          per6mth       PERSON#6: MONTH OF BIRTH                       30     
V35      -          per6sex       PERSON#6: SEX                                  30     
V36      -          per6rel       PERSON#6: RELATION WITH R                      30     
V37      -          per7yr        PERSON#7: YEAR OF BIRTH                        30     
V38      -          per7mth       PERSON#7: MONTH OF BIRTH                       30     
V39      -          per7sex       PERSON#7: SEX                                  30     
V40      -          per7rel       PERSON#7: RELATION WITH R                      30     
V41      -          per8yr        PERSON#8: YEAR OF BIRTH                        30     
V42      -          per8mth       PERSON#8: MONTH OF BIRTH                       30     
V43      -          per8sex       PERSON#8: SEX                                  30     
V44      -          per8rel       PERSON#8: RELATION WITH R                      30     
V45      -          per9yr        PERSON#9: YEAR OF BIRTH                        30     
V46      -          per9mth       PERSON#9: MONTH OF BIRTH                       30     
V47      -          per9sex       PERSON#9: SEX                                  30     
V48      -          per9rel       PERSON#9:RELATION WITH R                       30     
V49      -          per10yr       PERSON#10: YEAR OF BIRTH                       30     
V50      -          per10mth      PERSON#10: MONTH OF BIRTH                      30     
V51      -          per10sex      PERSON#10: SEX                                 30     
V52      -          per10rel      PERSON#10: RELATION WITH R                     30     
V53      -          per11yr       PERSON#11: YEAR OF BIRTH                       30     
V54      -          per11mth      PERSON#11: MONTH OF BIRTH                      30     
V55      -          per11sex      PERSON#11: SEX                                 30     
V56      -          per11rel      PERSON#11: RELATION WITH R                     30     
V57      -          per12yr       PERSON#12: YEAR OF BIRTH                       30     
V58      -          per12mth      PERSON#12: MONTH OF BIRTH                      30     
V59      -          per12sex      PERSON#12: SEX                                 30     
V60      -          per12rel      PERSON#12: RELATION WITH R                     30     
V61      -          BABIES        HOUSEHOLD MEMBERS LESS THAN 6 YRS OLD          31     
V62      -          PRETEEN       HOUSEHOLD MEMBERS 6 THRU 12 YRS OLD            31     
V63      -          TEENS         HOUSEHOLD MEMBERS 13 THRU 17 YRS OLD           32     
V64      -          ADULTS        HOUSEHOLD MEMBERS 18 YRS AND OLDER             32     
V65      Q1a        natscien      Spending on scientific research                32     
V66      Q1b        NATENVIR      IMPROVING & PROTECTING ENVIRONMENT             32     
V67      Q1c        NATHEAL       IMPROVING & PROTECTING NATIONS HEALTH          33     
V68      Q1d        NATCRIME      HALTING RISING CRIME RATE                      33     
V69      Q1e        NATDRUG       DEALING WITH DRUG ADDICTION                    33     
V70      Q1f        NATEDUC       IMPROVING NATIONS EDUCATION SYSTEM             33     
V71      Q1g        NATARMS       MILITARY, ARMAMENTS, AND DEFENSE               34     
V72      Q1h        NATFARE       WELFARE                                        34     
V73      Q2a        JAPAN         LIKING FOR JAPAN                               34     
V74      Q2b        germany       Liking for Germany                             35     
V75      Q2c        usa           Liking for USA                                 35     
V76      Q2d        ISRAEL        LIKING FOR ISRAEL                              35     
V77      Q2e        czechslo      Liking for Czechoslov                          36     
V78      Q2e1       czech         Liking for Czech Republic                      36     
V79      Q2e2       slovakia      Liking for Slovakia                            36     
V80      Q2h        byelruss      Liking for Byelorussia                         37     
V81      Q2g        ukraine       Liking for Ukraine                             37     
V82      Q2h        lithuan       Liking for Lithuania                           37     
V83      Q2i        RUSSIA        LIKING FOR RUSSIA                              38     
V84      Q2j        poland        Liking for Poland                              38     
V85      Q2k        england       Liking for England                             38     
V86      Q3         indep         World threatens independence of Poland         39     
V87      Q4         COURTS        COURTS DEALING WITH CRIMINALS                  39     
V88      Q5         FEPOL         WOMEN NOT SUITED FOR POLITICS                  39     
V89      Q6         FEHOME        WOMEN TAKE CARE OF HOME NOT COUNTRY            39     
V90      Q7a        FECHLD        MOTHER WORKING DOESNT HURT CHILDREN            40     
V91      Q7b        FEHELP        WIFE SHOULD HELP HUSBANDS CAREER FIRST         40     
V92      Q7c        FEPRESCH      PRESCHOOL KIDS SUFFER IF MOTHER WORKS          40     
V93      Q7d        FEFAM         BETTER FOR MAN TOWORK, WOMEN TEND HOME         40     
V94      Q8         SEX           RESPONDENTS SEX                                41     
V95      Q9         year          Respondents year of birth                      41     
V96      Q9         AGE           AGE OF RESPONDENT                              41     
V97      Q10        stabil14      Today living same city/county, 14 YRS          42     
V98      Q10A       place14       Place of residence age 14: city/country        42     
V99      Q10B       Voivod14      Place of residence age 14: Voivodeship         42     
V100     Q10C       RES16         Type of place lived in when 14 yrs old         43     
V101     Q10        REG16         Region of residence, age 14                    43     
V102     Q10        MOBILE16      Geographic mobility since age 14               43     
V103     Q11a       fam14mo       Age14: living with mother?                     43     
V104     Q11b       fam14pa       Age14: living with father?                     44     
V105     Q11c       fam14smo      Age14: living with step-mother?                44     
V106     Q11d       fam14spa      Age14: living with step-father?                44     
V107     Q11e       fam14sis      Age14: living with sisters?                    44     
V108     Q11f       fam14bro      Age14: living with brothers?                   44     
V109     Q11g       fam14gmo      Age14: living with grandmother?                45     
V110     Q11h       fam14gpa      Age14: living with grandfather?                45     
V111     Q11i       fam14aun      Age14: living with aunt?                       45     
V112     Q11j       fam14unc      Age14: living with uncle?                      45     
V113     Q11k       fam14oth      Age14: living with other relative?             45     
V114     Q11l       fam14out      Age14: with persons outside family?            46     
V115     Q11m       fam14orp      Age14: living in an orphanage?                 46     
V116     Q11A       fa14sup1      Age14: Who supported the family #1             46     
V117     Q11A       fa14sup2      Age14: Who supported the family #2             47     
V118     Q11        FAMILY16      LIVING WITH PARENTS WHEN 14 YRS OLD            47     
V119     Q11B       FAMDIF16      REASON NOT LIVING WITH PARENTS                 47     
V120     -          apply12       To whom Q12 applies?                           48     
V121     Q12        paskz         Fathers occupation: Polish SKZ codes           49     
V122     Q12        paisco88      Fathers occupation: ISCO-88 codes              50     
V123     Q12        paskz9        Fathers occupation: SKZ 9 categories           50     
V124     Q12        PAsei         RS Fathers Socio-Economic Index (Polish)       50     
V125     Q12        PApres        Fathers occup. prestige score (Polish)         51     
V126     Q12        pagencom      Fathers Occup General Complexity score         51     
V127     Q12        PADOTpeo      Fathers Occup Relationship with PEOPLE         51     
V128     Q12        PADOTdat      Fathers Occup Relationship with DATA           52     
V129     Q12        PADOTthn      Fathers Occup Relationship with THINGS         52     
V130     Q12        patreim       Fathers occup prestige score (TREIMAN)         52     
V131     Q12        pafarm        Father farmer: size of farm (hectares)         53     
V132     Q12        PAWRKSLF      FATHER SELF-EMP. OR WORKED FOR SOMEBODY        53     
V133     Q13        PAdeg         Fathers highest degree                         53     
V134     Q13b       pacourse      Fathers educational course                     54     
V135     Q13        PAeduc        Highest year of school completed, FATHER       54     
V136     -          aplly14       To whom Q14 applies?                           55     
V137     Q14        moskz         Mothers Occupation: Polish SKZ codes           56     
V138     Q14        moisco88      Mothers Occupation: ISCO-88 codes              57     
V139     Q14        moskz9        Mothers Occupation: SKZ 9 categories           57     
V140     Q14        mosei         RS mothers Socio-Economic Index (Polish)       57     
V141     Q14        mopres        Mothers occup prestige score (Polish)          58     
V142     Q14        mogencom      Mothers Occup General Complexity score         58     
V143     Q14        modotpeo      Mothers Occup Relationship with PEOPLE         58     
V144     Q14        modotdat      Mothers Occup Relationship with DATA           59     
V145     Q14        modotthn      Mothers Occup Relationship with THINGS         59     
V146     Q14        motreim       Mothers occup prestige score (TREIMAN)         59     
V147     Q14        mofarm        Mother farmer: size of farm (hectares)         60     
V148     Q14        mowrkslf      Mother self-emp. or worked for somebody        60     
V149     Q15        MAdeg         Mothers highest degree                         60     
V150     Q15b       mocourse      Mothers educational course                     61     
V151     Q15        MAeduc        Highest year of school completed, MOTHER       61     
V152     Q16        INCOM16       RS FAMILY INCOME WHEN 14 YRS OLD               62     
V153     Q17        WRKSTAT       LABOR FORCE STATUS                             62     
V154     Q17A       HRS1          NUMBER OF HOURS WORKED a week (average)        63     
V155     Q17B       unempmo       Months of unemployed and looking for job       63     
V156     Q17C       EVWORK        EVER WORK AS LONG AS ONE YEAR                  63     
V157     Q18        skz           RS occupation: Polish SKZ codes                64     
V158     Q18        isco88        RS occupation: ISCO-88 codes                   65     
V159     Q18        skz9          RS occupation: SKZ 9 categories                65     
V160     Q18        SEI           Respondent Socio-Economic Index (Polish)       65     
V161     Q18        PREstig       RS occupational prestige score (Polish)        66     
V162     Q18        gencomp       RS Occupational General Complexity score       66     
V163     Q18        DOTpeop       RS Occupational Relationship with PEOPLE       66     
V164     Q18        DOTdata       RS Occupational Relationship with DATA         67     
V165     Q18        DOTthng       RS Occupational Relationship with THINGS       67     
V166     Q18        treiman       RS occupational prestige score (TREIMAN)       67     
V167     Q18        induspol      RS Polish Industry Code                        68     
V168     Q18        INDUSTRY      RS INDUSTRY CODE 1970 (USA, GSS/NORC)          68     
V169     Q18        INDUS80       RS INDUSTRY CODE 1980 (USA, GSS/NORC)          69     
V170     Q18E       wrkown        RS place of work: form of ownership            69     
V171     Q18F       WRKSLF        R SELF-EMPL OR WORKS FOR SOMEBODY              69     
V172     Q18G       LOCALNUM      NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: RS WORK SITE              70     
V173     Q18H       farm          R farmer: Size of farm (hectares)              70     
V174     Q19        OFFSUP        DO YOU SUPERVISE WORK OF OTHER EMPLOYEES       70     
V175     Q19A       SUPOTHRS      ANY PEOPLE SUPERV. BY YOU SUPRVISE OTHRS       71     
V176     Q19A       suplev        Level of supervising                           71     
V177     Q19B       TOTSUP        HOW MANY PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE TO YOU             71     
V178     Q20        WRKYEARS      # YEARS R WORKED FOR PAY SINCE age 14          72     
V179     Q21        RINCOM91      Respondents income (thous zl/month)            72     
V180     Q22        desvling      Were you paid less/more than deserved          73     
V181     Q23        desvjinc      Income deserved (thous zlotys)                 73     
V182     Q24        JOBLOSE       IS R LIKELY TO LOSE JOB                        73     
V183     Q25        JOBFIND       COULD R FIND EQUALLY GOOD JOB                  74     
V184     Q26        RICHWORK      IF RICH, CONTINUE OR STOP WORKING              74     
V185     Q27        SATJOB        JOB OR HOUSEWORK satisfaction                  74     
V186     Q28        MARITAL       MARITAL STATUS                                 75     
V187     Q28A       AGEWED        AGE WHEN FIRST MARRIED                         75     
V188     Q29        SPWRKSTA      SPOUSE LABOR FORCE STATUS                      75     
V189     Q29A       SPHRS1        NUMBER OF HRS SPOUSE WORKED a week             76     
V190     Q29B       spunemp       Spouse looking for job: months                 76     
V191     Q29C       SPEVWORK      SPOUSE EVER WORK AS LONG AS A YEAR             77     
V192     Q30        spskz         Spouse occupation: Polish SKZ codes            78     
V193     Q30        spisco88      Spouse occupation: ISCO-88 codes               79     
V194     Q30        spskz9        Spouse occupation: SKZ 9 categories            79     
V195     Q30        SPsei         RS spouses Socio-Economic Index (Polish)       79     
V196     Q30        SPpres        Spouses occup. prestige score (Polish)         80     
V197     Q30        spgencom      Spouses Occup General Complexity score         80     
V198     Q30        SPDOTpeo      Spouses Occup Relationship with PEOPLE         80     
V199     Q30        SPDOTdat      Spouses Occup Relationship with DATA           81     
V200     Q30        SPDOTthn      Spouses Occup Relationship with THINGS         81     
V201     Q30        sptreim       Spouses occup prestige score (TREIMAN)         81     
V202     Q30        spindpol      Spouses Polish Industry Code                   82     
V203     Q30        SPIND         SPOUSES INDUSTRY CODE 1970 (GSS/NORC)          82     
V204     Q30        SPIND80       SPOUSES INDUSTRY CODE 1980 (GSS/NORC)          83     
V205     Q30E       spwrkown      Spouses place of work: form of ownership       83     
V206     Q30F       SPWRKSLF      SPOUSE SELF-EMP. OR WORKS FOR SOMEBODY         84     
V207     Q30G       SPLOCNUM      #OF WORKERS AT THE LOCATION SP. WORKS          84     
V208     Q30H       spfarm        Spouse farmer: Size of farm (hectares)         84     
V209     Q31        spwksup       Does SPOUSE supervise anyone                   85     
V210     Q31A       spwksups      Does SPOUSE subordinate supervise anyone       85     
V211     Q31A       spsuplev      Spouse level of supervising (INDEX)            85     
V212     Q31B       sptotsup      How many people responsible to SPOUSE          86     
V213     Q32        SPdeg         Spouses highest degree                         86     
V214     Q32b       spcourse      Spouses educational course                     87     
V215     Q32        SPeduc        Highest year of school completed, SPOUSE       87     
V216     Q33        CHILDS        NUMBER OF CHILDREN                             88     
V217     Q34        UNEMP         EVER UNEMPLOYED IN LAST 10 YRS                 88     
V218     Q34A       NUMunemp      How many times unemployed in last 10 yrs       88     
V219     Q34B       TOTunemp      Total months unemployment in last 10 yrs       89     
V220     Q34C       unemp1        Was R unemployed last year                     89     
V221     Q34D       unem1ear      Prior unemployed last year R main earner       89     
V222     Q34E       unemp4        Was R unemp. during 4yr before last year       89     
V223     Q34F       unem4ear      Prior unemp. 4 years, R main earner            90     
V224     Q34CF      UNEMP5        UNEMPLOYED IN LAST 5 YRS                       90     
V225     Q35        COMMUN        FEELINGS ABOUT COMMUNISM                       90     
V226     Q36A       SPKATH        ALLOW ANTI-RELIGIONIST TO SPEAK                91     
V227     Q36B       COLATH        ALLOW ANTI-RELIGIONIST TO TEACH                91     
V228     Q36C       LIBATH        ALLOW ANTI-RELIGIOUS BOOK IN LIBRARY           91     
V229     Q37A       SPKCOM        ALLOW COMMUNIST TO SPEAK                       91     
V230     Q37B       COLCOM        SHOULD COMMUNIST TEACHER BE FIRED              92     
V231     Q37C       LIBCOM        ALLOW COMMUNISTS BOOK IN LIBRARY               92     
V232     Q38A       SPKMIL        ALLOW MILITARIST TO SPEAK                      92     
V233     Q38B       COLMIL        ALLOW MILITARIST TO TEACH                      92     
V234     Q38C       LIBMIL        ALLOW MILITARISTS BOOK IN LIBRARY              93     
V235     Q39A       impfamil      How important family                           93     
V236     Q39B       impoccup      How important occupation and work              94     
V237     Q39C       impleisu      How important free time and leisure            94     
V238     Q39D       impfrnd       How important friends and acquitances          94     
V239     Q39E       imprelat      How important relatives                        95     
V240     Q39F       imprelig      How important religion and church              95     
V241     Q39G       imppolit      How important politics and public life         95     
V242     Q39H       impneigh      How important neighbors                        96     
V243     Q40        CAPPUN        FAVOR OR OPPOSE DEATH PENALTY FOR MURDER       96     
V244     Q41        FEAR          AFRAID TO WALK AT NIGHT IN NEIGHBORHOOD        96     
V245     Q42A       consbus       Confidence in state companies                  96     
V246     Q42B       conpbus       Confidence in private companies                97     
V247     Q42C       concath       Confidence in Roman Catholic Church            97     
V248     Q42D       CONeduc       Confidence in education                        97     
V249     Q42E       CONfed        Confidence in government                       97     
V250     Q42F       consol        Confidence in SOLIDARITY trade union           98     
V251     Q42G       conopzz       Confidence in OPZZ trade union                 98     
V252     Q42H       CONpress      Confidence in press                            98     
V253     Q42I       CONmedic      Confidence in medicine                         98     
V254     Q42J       CONtv         Confidence in television                       99     
V255     Q42K       CONjudge      Confidence in Polish Supreme Court             99     
V256     Q42L       CONsci        Confidence in scientific community             99     
V257     Q42M       conseym       Confidence in Polish Seym                      99     
V258     Q42N       consenat      Confidence in Polish Senate                    100    
V259     Q42O       CONarmy       Confidence in military                         100    
V260     Q42P       conpolic      Confidence in police                           100    
V261     Q42R       CONfinan      Confid in banks & financial institutions       100    
V262     Q43        EQWLTH        SHOULD GVT REDUCE INCOME DIFFERENCES           101    
V263     Q44        TRUST         CAN PEOPLE BE TRUSTED                          101    
V264     Q45        learnfir      Most important for a child to learn            102    
V265     Q45A       learnsec      2nd important for a child to learn             102    
V266     Q45B       learnthr      3rd important for a child to learn             102    
V267     Q45C       learnfrt      4th important for a child to learn             102    
V268     Q45X       learnfth      Least important for a child to learn           103    
V269     Q45(1)     OBEY          TO OBEY                                        103    
V270     Q45(2)     POPULAR       TO BE WELL LIKED OR POPULAR                    103    
V271     Q45(3)     THNKSELF      TO THINK FOR ONES SELF                         103    
V272     Q45(4)     WORKHARD      TO WORK HARD                                   104    
V273     Q45(5)     HELPOTH       TO HELP OTHERS                                 104    
V274     Q46        CLAss         Subjective class identification                104    
V275     Q47        SATFIN        SATISFACTION WITH FINANCIAL SITUATION          104    
V276     Q48        FINALTER      CHANGE IN FINANCIAL SITUATION                  105    
V277     Q49        FINRELA       OPINION OF FAMILY INCOME                       105    
V278     Q50        GETAHEAD      OPINION OF HOW PEOPLE GET AHEAD                105    
V279     Q51A       SATcity       Satisfaction with locality                     106    
V280     Q51B       SAThobby      Satisfaction with free time & relax.           106    
V281     Q51C       SATfam        Satisfaction with family life                  106    
V282     Q51D       SATfrnd       Satisfaction with your friendship              107    
V283     Q51E       SAThealt      Satisfaction with health                       107    
V284     Q51F       satpolit      Satisf. with political sit. in Poland          107    
V285     Q51G       sathouse      Satisfaction with housing conditions           107    
V286     Q51H       satchild      Satisfaction with your children                108    
V287     Q51I       sateduc       Satisfaction with your education               108    
V288     Q52        evntpain      Very painful event last 12 month               108    
V289     Q53        evntjoy       Very joyful event last 12 month                108    
V290     Q54        deslive       How strong is your desire to live              109    
V291     Q55A       JOBINC        HIGH INCOME (How important in a job)           109    
V292     Q55B       JOBSEC        NO DANGER OF BEING FIRED (How important)       110    
V293     Q55C       JOBHOUR       SHORT WORKING HOURS (How important)            110    
V294     Q55D       JOBPROMO      CHANCES FOR ADVANCEMENT (How important)        110    
V296     Q56        LIFE          IS LIFE EXCITING OR DULL                       111    
V297     Q57        HAPMAR        HAPPINESS OF MARRIAGE                          111    
V298     Q58        HAPUNHAP      HAPPY OR UNHAPPY WITH LIFE TODAY               111    
V299     Q59        happas5       Were you happy 5 years ago                     111    
V300     Q60        hapfut5       Are you expecting to be happy in 5 yrs         112    
V301     Q61        HEALTH        CONDITION OF HEALTH                            112    
V302     Q62        CHLDIDEL      IDEAL NUMBER OF CHILDREN                       112    
V303     Q63        SEXEDUC       SEX EDUCATION IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS                112    
V304     Q64        DIVLAW        DIVORCE LAWS                                   113    
V305     Q65A       ABDEFECT      STRONG CHANCE OF SERIOUS DEFECT                113    
V306     Q65B       ABNOMORE      MARRIED--WANTS NO MORE CHILDREN                113    
V307     Q65C       ABHLTH        WOMANS HEALTH SERIOUSLY ENDANGERED             113    
V308     Q65D       ABPOOR        LOW INCOME--CANT AFFORD MORE CHILDREN          114    
V309     Q65E       ABRAPE        PREGNANT AS RESULT OF RAPE                     114    
V310     Q65F       ABSINGLE      NOT MARRIED                                    114    
V311     Q65G       ABANY         ABORTION IF WOMAN WANTS FOR ANY REASON         114    
V312     Q66        LETDIE1       ALLOW INCURABLE PATIENTS TO DIE                114    
V313     Q67        PREMARSX      SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE                            115    
V314     Q68        XMARSEX       SEX WITH PERSON OTHER THAN SPOUSE              115    
V315     Q69        HOMOSEX       HOMOSEXUAL SEX RELATIONS                       115    
V316     Q70        SPANKING      FAVOR SPANKING TO DISCIPLINE CHILD             115    
V317     Q71A       SOCREL        SPEND EVENING WITH RELATIVES                   116    
V318     Q71B       SOCOMMUN      SPEND EVENING WITH NEIGHBOR                    116    
V319     Q71C       SOCFREND      SPEND EVENING WITH FRIENDS                     116    
V320     Q71D       SOCBAR        SPEND EVENING AT BAR                           117    
V321     Q72        satdemo       Satisfaction with democracy in Poland          117    
V322     Q73        politsys      How political system in Poland function        117    
V323     Q74        polint        How interested are you in politics             118    
V324     Q75A       goalfrs       First goal of politics                         118    
V325     Q75B       goalsec       Second goal of politics                        118    
V326     Q75C       goalthr       Third goal of politics                         119    
V327     Q75D       goalfrt       Fourth goal of politics                        119    
V328     Q76        polview       Left-right scale                               119    
V329     Q77        soclism       Favor or against socialism                     120    
V330     Q78        presid1       Voted in 1st round presid. election,1990       120    
V331     Q78A       presid1w      For whom vote in 1st round, 1990               120    
V332     Q79        presid2       Voted in 2nd round presid. election,1990       120    
V333     Q79A       presid2w      For whom vote in 2nd round, 1990               121    
V334     Q80        parlim91      Did vote in parliamentary election, 1991       121    
V335     Q80A       seysen91      Did vote Seym and/or Senate, 1991              121    
V336     Q80B       seym91        For whom (roll) vote to the Seym, 1991         122    
V337     Q81        religrel      Related or not related with any religion       122    
V338     Q81A       RElig         Which religion do you feel related with        123    
V339     Q82        ATTEND        HOW OFTEN R ATTENDS RELIG. SERVIC. & mass      123    
V340     Q83        RELiten       Strength of religious affiliation              123    
V341     Q84        POSTLIFE      BELIEF IN LIFE AFTER DEATH                     124    
V342     Q85        CHURHPOW      DO CHURCHE in Poland HAVE TO MUCH POWER        124    
V343     Q86        DEgree        RS highest degree                              124    
V344     Q86b       course        Respondents educational course                 125    
V345     Q86        EDuc          RS highest year of school completed            125    
V346     Q87        UNion         Does R (only) belong to trade union            125    
V347     Q87A       tumemb        To which one trade union RS belongs            126    
V348     Q87Z       Solidar       SOLIDARITY membership in 1980-81               126    
V349     Q87ZZ      PUWP          Were you ever a member of PUWP (PZPR)          126    
V350     Q88        INCOME91      Total family income (thous zl/month)           127    
V351     Q89        EARNRS        HOW MANY IN FAMILY EARNED MONEY                127    
V352     Q90        DWELown       RS dwelling type                               128    
V353     Q91A       car           Have you or your spouse got a car              128    
V354     Q91B       house         Have you/spouse got a country house            128    
V355     Q92        incneedl      Family income less/more than you need          128    
V356     Q93        incneed       What income do you actually need               129    
V357     Q94        diffinc       Income differentials too large/too small       129    
V358     Q95A       notfood       Not enough money to buy food or clothing       129    
V359     Q95B       notmedi       Not enough money to pay for medical care       130    
V360     Q95C       noteduc       Not enough money to pay for the education      130    
V361     Q95D       nothous       Not enough money to pay for housing exp.       130    
V362     Q96        DRINK         EVER DRINK ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES                 130    
V363     Q96A       DRUNK         EVER DRINK TOO MUCH                            130    
V364     Q97        SMOKE         DOES R SMOKE                                   131    
V365     Q97A       QUITSMK       EVER TRIED TO QUIT SMOKING                     131    
V366     Q97B       EVSMOKE       HAS R EVER SMOKED                              131    
V367     Q98A       hosdis1       Hospitalized during the past 12 month          131    
V368     Q98B       sickwrk1      Ill, not working during the past 12 month x    131    
V369     Q99A       hosdis4       Hospitalized during 4 yrs before last yr       132    
V370     Q99B       sickwrk4      Ill, not work. during 4 yrs bef. last yr       132    
V371     Q98        HOSDIS5       HOSPITALIZED, DISABLED LAST 5 YRS              132    
V372     QA         lenpgss       Duration of PGSS interview (minutes)           132    
V373     QB         lenissp       Duration of ISSP interview (minutes)           132    
V374     QC         conissp       The way of filling in the ISSP quest.          133    
V375     QD         retsupp       How SUPPLEMENT was returned                    133    
V376     QE         COOP          RS ATTITUDE TOWARDINTERVIEW (pgss)             133    
V377     QF         COMPREND      RS UNDERSTANDING OF pgss QUESTIONS             133    
V378     QG         difpgss       Difficult questions in PGSS                    134    
V379     QH         othper        Other persons present during interview         134    
V380     QK         idint         Interviewer ID                                 134    
V381     QL         intday        Day of the interview                           134    
V382     QL         intmon        Month of the interview                         134    
V383     QK         idins         Instructors ID                                 134    
V384      -          retissp      How ISSP was returned                          134    
V2000    Q1A        OPWLTH        NEED WEALTHY FAMILY TO GET AHEAD               135    
V2001    Q1B        OPPARED       NEED EDUCATED PARENTS TO GET AHEAD             135    
V2002    Q1C        OPEDUC        NEED GOOD EDUCATION TO GET AHEAD               135    
V2003    Q1D        OPAMBIT       NEED AMBITION TO GET AHEAD                     136    
V2004    Q1E        OPABLE        NEED NATURAL ABILITY TO GET AHEAD              136    
V2005    Q1F        OPHRDWRK      NEED TO WORK HARD TO GET AHEAD                 136    
V2006    Q1G        OPKNOW        NEED TO KNOW THE RIGHT PEOPLE TO GET AH.       136    
V2007    Q1H        OPCLOUT       NEED POLITICAL CONNECTIONS TO GET AHEAD        137    
V2008    Q1I        OPRACE        NEED TO BE THE RIGHT RACE TO GET AHEAD         137    
V2009    Q1J        OPRELIG       NEED TO BE THE RIGHT RELIGION TO GET AH.       137    
V2010    Q1K        OPREGION      MUST BE FROM THE RIGHT REGION TO GET AH.       137    
V2011    Q1L        OPSEX         NEED TO BE THE RIGHT SEX TO GET AHEAD          138    
V2012    Q1M        OPPOL         MUST HAVE CERTAIN POLIT. VIEWS TO GET AH. x    138    
V2013    -          opluck        Need luck to get ahead                         138    
V2014    Q2         GOODLIFE      STANDARD OF LIVING OF R WILL IMPROVE           138    
V2015    Q3A        INEQUAL1      EXTRA PAY -> PEOPLE TAKE RESPONSIBILITY        139    
V2016    Q3B        INEQUAL2      EXTRA PAY -> WORKERS ACQUIRE SKILLS            139    
V2017    Q3C        INEQUAL3      INEQ EXISTS FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE RICH        139    
V2018    Q3D        INEQUAL4      EXTRA PAY -> PEOPLE EARN DEGREES               140    
V2019    Q3E        INEQUAL5      PAY DIFFERENCES -> Polands PROSPERITY          140    
V2021    Q3G        INEQUAL7      INEQUALITY DUE TO LACK OF SOLIDARITY           141    
V2022    Q4A        PAYSKILL      HOW MUCH R THINKS SKILLED WORKER MAKES         141    
V2023    Q4B        PAYDOC        HOW MUCH R THINKS DOCTOR MAKES                 142    
V2024    Q4C        PAYSALES      HOW MUCH R THINKS SALES CLERK MAKES            142    
V2025    Q4D        PAYEXEC       HOW MUCH R THINKS CORPORATE HEAD MAKES         142    
V2026    Q4E        PAYLAWYR      HOW MUCH R THINKS LAWYER MAKES                 143    
V2027    Q4F        PAYOWNER      HOW MUCH R THINKS SMALL SHOPOWNER MAKES        143    
V2028    Q4G        PAYFARM       HOW MUCH R THINKS FARM WORKER MAKES            143    
V2030    Q4I        PAYJUDGE      HOW MUCH R TH. SUPREME COURT JUST. MAKES       144    
V2031    Q4J        PAYUNSKL      HOW MUCH R THINKS UNSKILLED WRKR MAKES         144    
V2032    Q4K        PAYCABNT      HOW MUCH R THINKS CABINET MEMBER MAKES         145    
V2033    Q5A        GIVSKILL      HOW MUCH OUGHT SKILLED WORKER MAKE?            145    
V2034    Q5B        GIVDOC        HOW MUCH OUGHT DOCTOR MAKE?                    146    
V2035    Q5C        GIVSALES      HOW MUCH OUGHT SALES CLERK MAKE?               146    
V2036    Q5D        GIVEXEC       HOW MUCH OUGHT CORPORATE HEAD MAKE?            146    
V2037    Q5E        GIVLAWYR      HOW MUCH OUGHT LAWYER MAKE?                    147    
V2038    Q5F        GIVOWNER      HOW MUCH OUGHT SMALL SHOPOWNER MAKE?           147    
V2039    Q6G        GIVFARM       HOW MUCH OUGHT FARM WORKER MAKE?               147    
V2040    Q5H        GIVFCTRY      HOW MUCH OUGHT FACTORY OWNER-MGR MAKE?         148    
V2042    Q5J        GIVUNSKL      HOW MUCH OUGHT UNSKILLED WRKR MAKE?            148    
V2043    Q5K        GIVCABNT      HOW MUCH OUGHT CABINET MEMBER MAKE?            149    
V2044    Q6A        INCGAP        INCOME DIFFERENTIALS IN Poland TOO BIG         149    
V2046    Q6C        GOVJOBS       GOVMNT SHOULD PROVIDE JOBS                     150    
V2047    Q6D        GOVMINC       GOVMNT SHOULD SPEND LESS ON POOR               150    
V2048    Q7A        TAXRICH       TAXES ON HIGH INCOME PEOPLE TOO HIGH           150    
V2049    Q7B        TAXMID        TAXES ON MIDDLE INCOME PEOPLE TOO HIGH         151    
V2050    Q7C        TAXPOOR       TAXES ON LOW INCOME PEOPLE TOO HIGH            151    
V2051    Q8         TAXSHARE      SHOULD RICH PAY BIGGER SHARE OF TAXES?         151    
V2052    Q9A        CONWLTH       CONFLICT BETWEEN POOR AND RICH IN Poland? x    152    
V2053    Q9B        CONCLASS      WORKING AND MIDDLE CLASSES IN CONFLICT?        152    
V2054    Q9C        CONJOBS       EMPLOYED AND UNEMPLOYED IN CONFLICT?           152    
V2055    Q9D        CONUNION      WORKERS AND MANAGEMENT IN CONFLICT?            152    
V2056    Q9E        CONURBAN      FARMERS AND CITY PEOPLE IN CONFLICT?           153    
V2057    Q9F        CONAGE        YOUNG AND OLD IN CONFLICT?                     153    
V2058    Q10        RANK          RS SELF RANKING OF SOCIAL POSITION             154    
V2059    Q11        OCCMOBIL      STATUS OF JOB HIGHER THAN FATHERS?             154    
V2060    Q12A       SOLMOBIL      LIVING STD HIGHER THAN FATHERS?                155    
V2061    Q12B       EDUMOBIL      EDUC HIGHER THAN FATHERS?                      155    
V2063    Q13B       EARNEDUC      YRS OF EDUC SHOULD DETERMINE PAY               156    
V2064    Q13C       EARNSUP       SUPERVISING SHOULD DETERMINE PAY               156    
V2065    Q13D       EARNFAM       SUPPORTING FAMILY SHOULD DETERMINE PAY         156    
V2066    Q13E       EARNKIDS      SUPPORTING KIDS SHOULD DETERMINE PAY           157    
V2067    Q13F       EARNWELL      JOB PERFORMANCE SHOULD DETERMINE PAY           157    
V2068    Q13G       EARNHARD      WORKING HARD SHOULD DETERMINE PAY              157    
V2069    Q14A       MOREEQ        R INC CHANGE IF INCOMES MORE EQUAL             158    
V2070    Q14B       LESSEQ        R INC CHANGE IF INCOMES LESS EQUAL             158    
V2071    Q15A       soctyp        Diag: What type society is Poland today        158    
V2072    Q15B       soctyp60      Diag: Poland was in the 1960s                  159    
V2073    Q15C       soct2020      Diag: Poland will be 30 yrs from now           159    
V2074    Q15D       socought      Diag: Poland ought to be                       159    
V2075    Q16A       statfam       Diag: Place of you and your family             160    
V2076    Q16B       statunsk      Diag: Place of an unskilled worker             160    
V2077    Q16C       statexec      Diag: Place of chairman of a large corp        160    
V2078    Q16D       statfarm      Diag: Place of a farm worker                   161    
V2079    Q16E       statdoc       Diag: Place of a doctor in general pract. x    161    
V2080    -          keybissp      Keyboard Operator ID: ISSP                     161    
V2081    -           keybpgss     Keyboard Operator ID: PGSS                     161    
V3000    Q1         obthink       Obedient or think for themself more imp.       161    
V3001    Q2a        privent       Private enterprise is the best way             162    
V3002    Q2b        GOVEQIN1      GOVMNT SHOULD REDUCE INC DIFFERENTIALS         162    
V3003    Q3a        prior1        Highest political priority for Poland          162    
V3004    Q3b        prior2        Next higest polit. priority for Poland         163    
V3005    Q4a        scfaith       We believe too often in science vs faith       163    
V3006    Q4b        scharm        Modern science does more harm than good        163    
V3007    Q4c        scworse       Humans cause in nature make things worse       164    
V3008    Q4d        scsolve       Science will solve environmental problems      164    
V3009    Q5a        worry1        Too much worry about envir than economics      164    
V3010    Q5b        allharm       Almost everything we do harms the envir        165    
V3011    Q5c        anright       Animals should have the same moral rights      165    
V3012    Q5d        natgod        Respect nature because is created by God       165    
V3013    Q6a        worry2        We worry too much about harming envir          166    
V3014    Q6b        natalone      Nature would be in harmony if left alone       166    
V3015    Q6c        envecon       Envir protectection needs econ growth          166    
V3016    Q6d        anmedic       It is OK to use animals for medical test       167    
V3017    Q6e        natstrug      Nature is struggle for survival                167    
V3018    Q6f        ecoharm       Economic growth always harms environment       167    
V3019    Q7         natsacr       Is nature sacred?                              168    
V3020    Q8a        proprice      Willing pay higher prices to protect env       168    
V3021    Q8b        protax        Willing pay higher taxes to protect env        168    
V3022    Q8c        procuts       Wiling cuts living stand to protect env        169    
V3023    Q9a        cantenv       I cant do much about envir                     169    
V3024    Q9b        doenv         I do what is right for envir                   169    
V3025    Q10a       radioact      All radioactivity is made by humans            170    
V3026    Q10b       antibiot      Antibiotics can kill bacteria,not viruses      170    
V3027    Q10c       astrolog      Astrology has some scientific truth            170    
V3028    Q10d       humevol       Humans developed from animals                  171    
V3029    Q10e       chcancer      Chemicals can cause cancer                     171    
V3030    Q11a       radiodie      Any amount of radioactivity is deadly          171    
V3031    Q11b       radioyrs      Radioactive waste danger for thous of yrs      172    
V3032    Q11c       greenhol      Greenhouse eff is caused by hole in atm        172    
V3033    Q11d       greengas      Gas use causes greenhouse effect               172    
V3034    Q11e       pecancer      Pesticides cause cancer                        172    
V3035    Q11f       species       Humans cause plant and species dying out       173    
V3036    Q11g       pollcar       Cars are not cause of air pollution            173    
V3037    Q12a       carenv        Danger of car air poll. for envir              173    
V3038    Q12b       carfam        Danger of car air poll. for your family        174    
V3039    Q12c       carhea        Danger of car air poll. for health             174    
V3040    Q13a       nucenv        Danger of nuclear plants for envir             174    
V3041    Q13b       nucfam        Danger of nuclear plants for your family       175    
V3042    Q14a       indenv        Danger of industry air poll. for envir         175    
V3043    Q14b       indfam        Danger of industry air poll. for family        175    
V3044    Q15a       pestenv       Danger of farming pest&chem for envir          176    
V3045    Q15b       pestfam       Danger of farming pest&chem for family         176    
V3046    Q16a       watenv        Danger of water pollution for envir            176    
V3047    Q16b       watfam        Danger of water pollution for family           177    
V3048    Q17a       greenenv      Danger of greenhouse eff. for envir            177    
V3049    Q17b       greenfam      Danger of greenhouse eff. for family           177    
V3050    Q18a       peopdec       People or Gvt should decide about envir        178    
V3051    Q18b       busdec        Busin or Gvt should decide about envir         178    
V3052    Q19a       recsort       Effort to sort items for recycling             178    
V3053    Q19b       pestfru       Effort to buy fruits without pestic            179    
V3054    Q19c       meateat       Refuse to eat meat for moral reason            179    
V3055    Q19d       drvcut        Less driving for enviromental reason           179    
V3056    Q20e       nvmem         Member of envir protecting group               179    
V3057    Q21a       envpet        Signed a petition about envir issue            180    
V3058    Q21b       envmon        Given money to envir group                     180    
V3059    Q21c       envdem        Demonstrated about envir issue                 180    
V3060    Q22        GOD           RS CONFIDENCE IN THE EXISTING OF GOD           180    
V3061    Q23        sizepl        Size of place of living: RS evaluation         181