The STF2A files contain summaries for SMSAs and for these components: counties or county equivalents, places of 10,000 or more inhabitants census tracts, and totals for census tracts split by county components. A summary is also provided for the tracted area outside of SMSAs within each state.


The STF2B files provide summaries for the state or state equivalent, state components, SCSAs and the urban and rural portions of the SCSA, SMSAs and the urban and rural portions of the SMSA, urbanized areas, counties or county equivalents and the rural portion of the county, MCDs or CCDs, places of 1,000 or more, and the urban portion of any places that have been split into urban and rural components, American Indian reservations and their county portions, and Alaska Native villages. Population (or demographic) and housing items are contained in each type of file. Information is presented for each geographic area and summarizes total population and all housing units. Information is also presented for the total population in each area and repeated for each race and Spanish origin group in the area that meets non-suppression criteria. If too few persons or housing units fall into an ethnic category in a census area, data for that category is suppressed.


Contain 100-percent population and housing counts and characteristics for each geographic area. Areas include; U.S., regions, divisions, States (including summaries such as urban and rural), counties, places of 10,000+ in selected States, Minor Civil Divisions (MCDs) of 10,000+ in selected States, MCDs of fewer than 10,000+ in New England MSAs, American Indian and Alaska Native areas, Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAS), Urbanized Areas (UAs).