Introduction to Summary Tape File 4

Summary Tape File 4 consists of three sets of computer-readable data files containing highly detailed tabulations of the nation's population and housing characteristics. The files contain sample data inflated to represent the total United States population and 100% counts and unweighted sample counts of persons and housing units. This series is composed of STF4A, STF4B, and STF4C. Population items tabulated for each area include demographic data and information on schooling, ethnicity, labor force status, children, and details about occupation and income. Housing items include data on size and condition of the housing unit as well as information on value, age, water, sewage and heating, vehicles, and monthly owner costs.

All geographical entities from the complete STF4 series are included in the extract file for each state, along with the seven major "record types" out of a possible total of 39. The record types in the extract file each represent a population group for which the detailed tabulations were presented. Included are record types for Total population, White population, Black population, American Indian, Eskimo and Aleut population, Asian and Pacific Islander population, Other races population, and Spanish origin population.


The STF4A geographic entities for which all STF4A data items are tabulated for the above groups in this extract are as follows: In Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs); census tracts/BNAs, places of 10,000+ inhabitants, and counties. In the remainder of each state: counties, places of 10,000+ inhabitants, and census tracts/BNAs.


The STF4B geographic entities for which all STF4 data items are tabulated and reported for the above groups in this extract are as follows: state (along with numerous rural, urban, and SMSA components of each state), SCSAs (Standard Consolidated Statistical Areas), SMSAs, urbanized areas, all counties and county equivalents (along with rural and rural-farm components of counties), MCD/CCDs, places of 2,500+ population, and American Indian reservations/Alaska Native villages (and county components of American Indian reservations).


The STF4C file, also referred to as the National file, provides summary data in a single file for the entire United States. The SMSA Extract contains records for SMSAs and urbanized areas, and is limited in race/ancestry detail to the seven basic categories. The total number of table cells is 8,800 for each geographic area. The geographic entities include: US, regions, divisions, States (including urban and rural metropolitan and nonmetropolitan components), counties, places of 10,000+ Minor Civil Divisions (MCDs) of 10,000+ in selected States, MCDs of fewer than 10,000 inhabitants in New England Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs), American Indian and Alaska Native Areas, MSAs, Urbanized Areas (UAs).