Special Features - World Resources 1992-93

Sustainable Development Assessment - An in-depth look at the economic, human, ecological, and technological prerequisites for sustainable development in OECD, newly industrialized, and poor countries.

New Findings on Land Degradation - Over the past 50 years, moderate to severe soil degradation occurred over an area larger than China and india combined. Presenting the results of the first global assessment of land degradation, this volume analyzes the causes and extent of the damage to the world's soils. World Resources points out that the continuation of soil degrading activities will make even more difficult the fob of providing growing populations with food, fuel, and fiber.

Eastern and Central European Environment Report - A survey of this region's most critical environmental problems, including air and water pollution and land degradation.

Global Data Tables - the latest data available on economic, population, environment, and natural resource conditions for 153 countries.

Current Trend Reports - Incisive summaries of global conditions and trends in more than one dozen key issue areas, including technology transfer, population and health, food and agriculture, oceans and coasts, energy, wildlife and habitat, and forests and rangelands.