CIESIN Reproduced, with permission, from: Halpern, S. 1993. United Nations Conference on Environment and Development: Process and documentation. Academic Council for the United Nations System (ACUNS) reports and papers, no. 2. Providence, RI: Academic Council for the United Nations System (ACUNS).

Chapter Two

A Chronological Digest of UNCED Documents

Preparatory Steps Leading to PrepCom and the UNCED

Date        Action/Doc. No(s).      Title/Description

11 Dec      GA RES 42/186           The Environmental Perspective to the 
                                    Year 2000 and Beyond

            A/C.2/42/L.80"          An approach to environmentally
                                    sound sustainable development to 
                                    guide international cooperation.

            GA RES  42/187          "Report of the World Commission 
                                    on Environment and Development"

            A/C.2/42/L.81           Discusses sustainable development 
                                    at length and invites governments 
                                    et. al. to engage in follow-up 
                                    activities such as conferences.  
                                    WCED Report published as "Our 
                                    Common Future."

6 Dec       GA RES 43/55            "Protection of global climate for 
                                    present and future generations of 

            see alsoA/45/696
            and Add. 1

20 Dec      GA RES 43/196           "A United Nations Conference on 
                                    Environment and Development"

            A/43/915/Add. 7         Decides to consider at its 44th 
                                    session, whether to convene a 
                                    UN conference on the subject of the 
                                    present resolution.

May         Decision 15/1 of the   "Strengthening the Role and
            1989 UN Governing       Effectiveness of the United Nations
            Council                 Environmental Programme"

                                    Reaffirms UNEP as central 
                                    catalyzing, coordinating, and 
                                    stimulating body in the field of the 
                                    environment in UN.

25 May      Decision 15/3 of the    "A United Nations conference on
            1989 UN Governing       environment and development"

            A/44/25 with annex      Establishes basic intellectual 
                                    infrastructure for subsequent UNCED 
                                    discussions/ decisions by ECOSOC 
                                    and the GA.

26 July     ECOSOC RES 1989/87      On convening a UN Convention on 
                                    Environment and Development

27 July     ECOSOC RES 1989/101     On strengthening international 
                                    cooperation on environment through 
                                    providing financial resources to 
                                    developing countries

19 Dec      GA RES 44/171           "Integration of Women in 

22 Dec      GA RES 44/229           "International Co-operation in the 
                                    field of the environment"

            GA RES 44/227           "Implementation of General Assembly 
                                    Resolutions 44/186 and 44/187"


            GA RES 44/228           "United Nations Conference on 
                                    Environment and Development"

            A/44/228                Sets the whole process in motion.
                                    Calls for conference to "elaborate 
                                    strategies to halt and reverse the 
                                    effects of environmental 
                                    degradation...[by strengthening
                                    efforts] promote sustainable 
                                    and environmentally sound 
                                    development in all countries."
                                    Some specific issues to address 
                                    listed in para. 12, also to promote 
                                    the further development of 
                                    international environmental law.
                                    Establishes Voluntary Fund to assist 
                                    developing country participation; 
                                    consultative status for 
                                    nongovernmental organizations 
                                    (NGOs).  Establishes Secretariat & 
                                    Preparatory Committee (to meet five
                                    times) to plan the conference and 
                                    draft decisions to adopt at 

Materials from PrepCom I (Organizational Meeting)

New York, New York, 5 - 16 March 1990

Date        Action/Doc. No(s).      Title/Description

            A/44/48                 Report of the 
                                    PrepCom to the GA

            A/CONF.151/PC/2,        Report of the UNCED SG to the 
            and Add.1               PrepCom.  Conference on Environment 
                                    and Development '92 - Decisions of 
                                    the PrepCom (adopted 20 March 1990)

                                    Various decisions including one 
                                    that establishes two working 
                                    1. Working Group I
                                       (a) Protection of the atmosphere 
                                       by combating climate change, 
                                       depletion of the ozone layer and 
                                       trans-boundary pollution; 
                                       (b) Protection of land resources 
                                       by, inter alia, combating 
                                       deforestation, desertification 
                                       and drought;
                                       (c) Conservation of biological 
                                       diversity;  and
                                       (d) Environmentally sound 
                                       management of biotechnology.
                                    2. Working Group II
                                       (a) Protection of the oceans and 
                                       all kinds of seas;
                                       (b) Protection freshwater 
                                       resources; and
                                       (c) Environmentally sound 
                                       management of wastes, 
                                       (particularly hazardous ones) and 
                                       toxic chemicals, also prevention 
                                       of illegal international traffic 
                                       in same, and dangerous products.  
                                       Agrees to involve NGOs.

            A/CONF.151/PC/CRP.2,    Note by Secretariat
            See generally,
            and Add. 1.

            A/CONF.151/PC/L.57 &
            Rev. 1.                 Observers
            A/CONF.151/PC/L.8       NGOs  
            A/CONF.151/PC/L.55 &    IGOs
            Add. 4.

1-3 Aug     Special Session of      Recommends PrepCom consider: 
            Governing Council       climate change; oceans and 
            of UNEP                 coastal areas; hazardous 
                                    substances; freshwater; 
            [EP&L, Vol. 20,        desertification; biodiversity.
            pp. 155-160]            Other issues: transboundary air 
                                    pollution; financial assistance and 
                                    environmentally sound technology 
                                    transfer to developing countries.  
                                    Recommends PrepCom invite NGOs to 

Materials From PrepCom I (Substantive Meeting)

Nairobi, Kenya, 6 - 31 August 1990

Date        Action/Doc. No(s).      Title/Description

            A/45/46 with annex      Report of the 
                                    Preparatory Committee 
                                    to the GA

                                    Provides indication of primary 
                                    areas of concern and requests a 
                                    number of relevant studies and 

            UNEP/GCSS.II/2          Executive Director's Report
            Corr. 1 and 2 and
            Add. 1, 2, & 3

            See also A/CONF.        Note by Secretariat on Decisions of 
            151/PC/L.7              the Governing Council of the UNEP of 
                                    Immediate Relevance to PrepCom

            A/CONF.151/PC/5         Report of the Secretary General
            and Add. 1 and 2        on the Activities of the Conference 

                                    Covers practically the whole 
                                    sphere of conference report.  Annex 
                                    contains brief overview of nine 
                                    major issues (most assigned to WGs 
                                    noted above) and several subsidiary 
                                    issues. Principle work to be: 
                                      (1) Conventions;
                                      (2) Earth Charter (basic 
                                      principles for conduct of people 
                                      and nations);
                                      (3) Agenda 21 for action 
                                      (concrete means to implement said 
                                      (4) Financial Resources;
                                      (5) Technology Transfer; and
                                      (6) Institutions. 
                                    Most important decisions to be in 
                                    the area of development and economic 
                                    policies and decision-making, since 
                                    through changes in all countries and 
                                    in the international economy most 
                                    principal environmental risks must 
                                    be addressed. Special study 
                                    initiated by Secretariat on this 
                                    last matter.

            A/CONF.151/PC/6         Overview of System-Wide Activities 
                                    Relevant to Resolution 44/228 

            A/CONF.151/PC7          Summary of the Activities of 
                                    Intergovernmental and International 
                                    Organizations Relevant to Resolution 

                                    Read in conjunction with Annex to 
                                    document  A/CONF.151/PC/5 listed 

            A/CONF.151/PC/4         Provisional Agenda and Programme of
            A/CONF.151/PC/5         Work (with recommendations made by 

                                    Approved agenda of WGs I and II.

            A/CONF/151/PC/8         Guidelines for national reports

            A/CONF.151/PC/10        Preparations at the Regional Level
            and PC/12               

            A/CONF./151/PC/         Report of WG I
                                    Adopts draft decisions:

            A/CONF.151/PC/          Climate Change
            WG.I/L./Rev. 1
            (hereafter abbreviated 
            as L.#/Rev.#.)

            L.2/Rev. 1              Ozone Depletion

            L.3/Rev. 1              Transboundary Air Pollution

            L.7/Rev. 1              Biodiversity

            L.8/Rev. 1              Biotechnology

            L.4/Rev. 2              Land Resources: Deforestation

            L.5/Rev. 1              Land Resources: Soil Loss/ 
                                    Desertification/ Drought

            L.10                    Environmental Education

            L.11                    Draft Provisional Agenda for Second 

            WG.II/L.A               Report of WG II

            WG.II/L.C               Adopts report and provisional agenda 
                                    for second session

            A/CONF.151/PC/          "Protection of the Oceans and all 
            WG.II/L.1./Rev. 3       kinds of Seas"

                                    Plenary Session Discussions:

            A/CONF.151/PC/L.17      Transfer of Technology

            L.19                    Financial Resources

            L.22                    Decision on Environment and 
            Earlier draft at L.12   Development

            L.18                    Overview of the activities of the UN 
                                    system relevant to GA RES 44/228

            A/CONF.151/PC/          (Earlier note by Secretariat)

            L.25                    Co-operation on Transfer of 
                                    Technology and Financial Resources 
                                    to Developing Countries

21 Dec      GA RES 45/211           "The United Nations Conference on 
                                    Environment and Development"

4-7 March                           Regional Preparatory Meeting of the 
                                    UN Economic Commission for Latin 
                                    America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) 
                                    for UNCED, Mexico City, Mexico

Materials From PrepCom II

Geneva, Switzerland, 18 March - 5 April 1990

Date        Action/Doc. No(s).      Title/Description

            A/56/48 - Part I        Report of the PrepCom 
                                    to the GA

                             Working Group I

            A/CONF.151/PC/          Climate Change
            See also, A/CONF.151/
            PC.22 & 23

            A/CONF.151/PC/          Biological Diversity
            WG.I/L.14/Rev. 1.
            See also, A/CONF.151/

            A/CONF.151/PC/          Soil Loss
            See also,A/CONF.151/
            PC/24 - 26

            A/CONF.151/PC/          Forest Issues
            WG.I/L.18See also, 
            A/CONF.151/PC/27        Discussion takes much of time
            and Corr. 1             at PrepCom.  Establishes ad hoc 
                                    subgroup on forest issues, not part 
                                    of negotiating process on an 
                                    international instrument. Agrees to 
                                    consider possible forms of a global 
                                    agreement on all type forests 
                                    management, conservation and 
                                    development (first time).  
                                    Establishes comprehensive list of 
                                    forest function principles, from 
                                    ecological, economic and social 
                                    aspects, to serve as basis 
                                    discussion at PrepCom III.  Forest 
                                    protection should be included in 
                                    current climate change & biological 
                                    diversity negotiations. 

            A/CONF.151/PC/          Sets agenda for 
            WG.I/L.17               session of WG III

                             Working Group II

            A/CONF.151/PC/          Waste Management
                                    Hazardous waste and toxic 
                                    chemicals, and illegal international 
                                    traffic in same.  

            A/CONF.151/PC/          International strategy on the 
            WG.II/L.8 See also,     environmentally sound management of 
            A/CONF.151/PC/35        hazardous wastes and toxic 

            A/CONF.151/PC/          Strategy to consider: 
            WG.II/L.11              experience of Basel and Bamako 
                                    Conventions and other related 
                                    conventions; liability & 
                                    compensation; information flow; 
                                    developing country needs; strategy 
                                    to refer to London Guidelines for 
                                    the Exchange of Information on 
                                    Chemicals in International Trade and 
                                    the FAO International Code of 
                                    Conduct on the Distribution and Use 
                                    of Pesticides; include access to 
                                    information, transfer of technology 
                                    and monitoring, of chemical 

            A/CONF.151/PC/          Protection of Oceans
            WG.II/L.12  See also,
            A/CONF.151/PC/30        Recommends UNCED SG take into 
                                    account certain issues such as 
                                    relationship between trade and 
                                    living resources, costs of 
                                    management, funding, role of women, 
                                    and impact of sea level rise on 
                                    small island states and low coastal 
                                    areas without duplicating work of 
                                    IPCC, UNEP, and others.

            A/CONF.151/PC/          Protection of 
            WG.II./L.14. See also,  Freshwwater Resources

            A/CONF.151/PC/          Recommends UNCED SG identify 
            WG.II/L.12              main elements of an action 
                                    programme to be reviewed as a basis 
                                    for Agenda 21.  Decides to take into 
                                    account actions of UN International 
                                    Law Commission in developing legal 
                                    instruments re: management of 
                                    transboundary water resources.  Need 
                                    to take into account role of women, 
                                    indigenous peoples - Invites the 
                                    International Conference on Water 
                                    and the Environment to be held in 
                                    Dublin, Ireland, in January 1992 to 
                                    consider an action framework on 
                                    sustainable development and 
                                    mangement of freshwater 

            A/CONF.151/PC/          Sets agenda for sesssion of WG III

                             Working Group III

            A/CONF.151/PC/L.31      Legal, Institutional and Related 
                                    Matters, Group established

                                    Decides to: prepare annotated 
                                    list of existing international 
                                    agreements; examine feasiblity of 
                                    elaborating environmental principles 
                                    of general rights and obligations of 
                                    States; consider issues referred to 
                                    it by other working groups or 
                                    plenary; review role of UN in 
                                    environmental matters; examine 
                                    planned implementation of UNCED. 

            A/CONF.151/A/46/48      Draft "Earth Charter"
                                    Work on Earth Charter, later 
                                    known as "Declaration of Rio," the 
                                    most difficult task of Working Group 

            A/CONF.151/PC/          Elements for a Resolution on 
            WG.III/L.1              Settlement of International Disputes 
                                    Concerning the Environment

                                    Tentative draft proposal 
                                    submitted by the Pentagonal 
                                    countries before working group. 

            A/CONF.151/PC/WG.III/2  Provisional List of Agreements & 
                                    Instruments and Checklist of 
                                    Principles to assist WG III 

            A/CONF/.151/PC/L.30     UNCED SG roster of recent UN 

            A/CONF.151/PC/78        UNCED SG roster of previously 
            of 26 July 1991         adopted principles

            A/CONF.151/PC/WG.       Discussion of matters as noted 
            III/L.2/Rev. 1          in PC/L.31 as well as legal and 
                                    institutional aspects of cross-
                                    sectoral issues

            A/CONF.151/PC/          Sets agenda for second WG session


            A/CONF.151/PC/L.37      Hereafter abbreviated as PC/##.  
                                    Adopts agenda, including discussion 
                                    of cross-sectoral issues and reports 
                                    of the WGs 

            PC/L.34                 Requests UNCED SG to continue 
                                    development of proposals for Agenda 
                                    21 for discussion in third session

            PC/L.38                 UNCED SG to take into account 
                                    "traditional knowledge and practices 
                                    of indigenous people for sustainable 
                                    use, conservation, etc. of natural 

                          Cross-sectoral Issues

            PC/17                   Transfer of Technology

            PC/18                   Financial Resources

                                    For both, see also UN GA RES 
                                    A/45/849 Add. 1, adopted without a 
                                    vote, 12 December 1990.

            PC/21                   Environmental Education and Public 

            PC/19                   Environmental Health

            PC/15                   Poverty and Environmental 

            PC/16                   Environment and Development.  See 
                                    also, GA RES A/45/850, adopted 
                                    without a vote, 12 December 1990

            PC/36                   Institutions

            PC/14                   Report of the UNCED SG on Agenda 21

                                    To consist of three major 
                                      (1) Basis for action (describing 
                                      state of the environment and 
                                      sustainable development);
                                      (2) Action agenda (programmatic 
                                      approaches); and
                                      (3) Instruments for action.

            PC/L.37                 Discussion of Role of NGOs

                                    Proposes procedure for 
                                    determining NGO competence and 
                                    relevance to work of PrepCom.

            PC/L.28/Add. 1          Approves UNCED SGs list of NGOs 
                                    recommended for accreditation

12 Dec A/45/850                     Report of the Second Committee on 
                                    the UNCED

                                    Contains 2 draft resolutions: 
                                      1) requests UNCTAD to study trends 
                                      between environmental issues and 
                                      international trade; 
                                      2) establishes dates (June 1-12) 
                                      and location, Rio de Janeiro, 

Materials from PrepCom III

Geneva, Switzerland, 12 August - 4 September 1991

In a number of sectors PrepCom II asked the Secretariat to elaborate on the proposals or provide further information; this is in addition to producing the separate series of Agenda 21 papers. The Reports of the Secretariat are designated as Document Number A/CONF.151/PC ##; the Working Group or Plenary documents corresponding to the same topic, are designated Document Number A/CONF.151/PC/WG#/##, and follow the Secretariat's listing in square brackets. The same designations are used in PrepCom IV.

Date        Action/Doc. No(s).      Title/Description

            A/46/48 Part II         The Report of the Preparatory 
                                    Committee to the General Assembly

            A/CONF.151/PC/42        Initial Draft Agenda 21  
            Add. 1-10               Specific topics are noted below:


            A/CONF.151/PC/39        Organizational Documents
            through PC/44,
            and PC/48

            A/CONF.151/PC/45        Cross-Sectoral Issues
            through PC/47 and 
            PC/49 through PC/56

            A/CONF.151/PC/56        Progress Report to the Working 

                             Working Group I

            A/CONF.151/PC/WG.I/L.   Atmosphere

            A/CONF.151/PC/57        Climate Change

            PC/58                   Ozone Depletion

            PC/59                   Transbounday Air Pollution

            PC/60                   Sectoral Issues

            PC/42/Add.1             Agenda 21

                          Land Resources

            A/CONF.151/PC/61        Agriculture, Environment, and 

            PC/62 [WG.I/L.29]       Desertification

            PC/63                   Integrated Management of Land 

            PC/42/Add. 2            Land:  Agenda 21


            PC/64                   Background

            PC/65                   Principles

            PC/42/Add. 3            Agenda 21

                   Conservation of Biological Diversity

            A/CONF.151/PC/66        Background

            PC/42/Add. 4            Agenda 21

            Environmental Sound Management of Biotechnology

            A/CONF.151/PC/67        Background

            PC/42/Add. 5            Agenda 21
            [WG.I/.38/Rev. 1]

                           Working Group II

            WG.II/L.22 Add. 1/      Oceans
            Rev. 1 and WG.II/
            Misc. 4

            A/CONF.151/PC/69        Oceans: Coastal Development and 
                                    Enclosed Seas, Marine Pollution, 
                                    Living Marine Resources, and Impacts 
                                    of Climate Change

            PC/42/Add. 6            Oceans: Agenda 21

            PC/70                   Global Ocean Observing System

            PC/71                   Land-based sources of marine 

            PC/72                   Effect of Gulf Crisis

                           Freshwater Resources

            A/CONF.151/PC/73        Background

            PC/42/Add. 7            Agenda 21
            [WG.II/Misc. 5]

            WG.II/L.19/Add.         Environmentally sound management of 
                                    wastes, etc.

                            Toxic Chemicals

            A/CONF.151/PC/74        Background
            [WG.II/Misc. 2]

            PC/42/Add. 8            Agenda 21

                            Hazardous Wastes 

            PC/75 [WG.II/Misc. 4]   Background

            PC/42/Add. 9            Agenda 21

                              Solid Wastes

            PC/76                   Background

            PC/42/Add. 10           Agenda 21

              Working Group III (first substantive meeting)

            A/CONF.151/PC/77        Survey of Existing Agreements and
            [WG.III/L.9/Corr. 1]    Criteria for Evaluation

            PC/78                   Principles on General Rights and 
                                    Obligations (Elements of the Earth 

            WG.III/L.8/Corr. 1      Chair's consolidated draft of August 

            WG.II/L.13              Chair's Summary of August 27

            WG.III/L.8/Rev.         Chair's consolidated draft of August 

            WG.III/L.17             Other Country Versions

            A/CONF.151/PC/None      "Informal Consolidation Draft No. 2"
            No. 9, August 23, 1991  Non-official draft, officially 

            PC/79                   Progress Report on Transboundary 

            PC/80                   Institutional Issues

            PC/103                  Studies Evaluating 100 International 

16 Dec GA RES  A/46/785             "United Nations Conference on 
                                    Environment and Development"

                                    Endorses PrepCom II, III Reports.

Materials from the Third Special Session of the Governing Council of UNEP

Nairobi, Kenya, 3 - 5 February 1992

            Action/Doc. No(s).      Title/Description

            UNEP/GCSS.III/5         Introductory Statement

            UNEP/GCSS.III/2,        "Saving Our Planet: Challenges and 
            Corr. 1, Add.1 &        Hopes"
            GCSS.III/Inf.           In depth look at planetary 
                                    conditions twenty years after 
                                    Stockholm.  In most instances the 
                                    environment has deteriorated.

            UNEP/GCSS.III/3,        "Status of Desertification and
            Corr. 1/Rev. 1,         Implementation of the UN Plan 
            Add.1 & Add.1/Corr. 1,  Action to Combat Desertification
            UNEP/GCSS.III/Inf. 2    and its Financing"

                                    Expanding rate land degradation 
                                    and desertification amounts 25% 
                                    world land area and 1/6 population.

            UNEP/GCSS.III/4,        "Consolidated Report on the further 
            Corr. 1 & Add. 1        follow-up to General Assembly 
                                    Resolutions 42/186 and 42/187"

            UNEP/GCSS.III/L.1-3     Three draft decisions by Committee 
                                    of Permanent Representatives

Materials from (Final) PrepCom IV

New York, New York, 3 March - 3 April 1992

Organizational Matters: Because the topics considered in this fourth and final PrepCom are so numerous, some organizational documents are listed first.

            Action/Doc. No(s).,     Title/Description

            A/CONF.151/PC/96 also,  Agenda
            L.28 & Add., L.55 & 
            Add. L.58

            A/CONF.151/PC/L.56      List of Documents before 4th session
            & Add.

            A/CONF.151/PC/DEC/3/31  Organization of the work of the 4th 

            A/CONF.151/PC/L.73      Draft Report of PrepCom to 

                             List of Participants

            A/CONF.151/PC/INF. 8    Delegations

            A/CONF.151/PC/L.55/     Intergovernmental Organizations
            Add. 1- Add. 3

Agenda 21 Materials Prepared by the Secretariat or Working Groups

The secretariat drafts are designated by Document Numbers A/CONF.151/PC/Corr. 1 and Add. 1-27, Working Group Drafts corresponding to the same topic are designated Document Numbers A/CONF.151/PC/WG#/##, and follow the listing of the secretariat's document in square brackets.

            Action/Doc. No(s).      Title/Description

            Add. 1                  Overview of Agenda 21 & 
                                    Implementation Mechanisms

            Add. 2                  Combating Poverty, Changing 
                                    Consumption Patterns and Demographic 
                                    Dynamics and Sustainability

            Add. 3                  International Policies to Accelerate 
                                    Sustainable Development in 
                                    Developing Countries and Related 
                                    Domestic Policies

            Add. 4                  Safe and Environmentally Sound 
            [WG.II/L.19/            Management of Radioactive Wastes

            Add. 5                  Protection and Promotion of Human 

            Add. 6                  Education, Public Awareness and 

            Add. 7                  Promoting Sustainable Human 
                                    Settlements Development

            Add. 8                  Integration of Environment and 
                                    Development in Decision-Making

            Add. 9                  Transfer of Environmentally Sound 

            Add. 10                 Science for Sustainable Development

            Add. 11                 National Mechanisms and 
                                    International Cooperation for 
                                    Capacity Building

            Add. 12                 Information for Decision-Making

            Add. 13                 Strengthening the Role of Major 

            Add. 14
            [WG.I/L.25/Rev.2/       Protection of the Atmosphere

            Add. 15                 Integrated Approach to Planning and 
            [WG.I/L.41]             Management of Land Resources: Soil 

            Add. 16                 Combatting Deforestation: Options 
            [WG.I/L43/Corr.1]       for Agenda 21

            Add. 17                 Managing Fragile Ecosystems: 
            [WG.I/L.39 and Rev.1]   Combatting Desertification and 

            Add. 18                 Managing Fragile Ecosystems: 
            [WG.I/L.40]             Sustainable Mountain Development: 
                                    Soil Loss

            Add. 19                 Promoting Sustainable Agriculture 
            [WG.I/L.42.and Corr.1]  and Rural Development: Soil Loss

            Add. 20                 Conservation of Biological 

            Add. 21                 Protection of Oceans, All Kinds 
            [WG.II/L.16/Rev. 1;     of Seas, Including...and the 
            WG.II/L.25]'            Protection, Rational Use and 
            L.25/Corr. 1;           Development of the Living Resources
            L.25 Add. 1;
            L.25 Add. 1/Corr. 1; 
            L.25/Add. 2; 
            L.25/Add. 2/Corr. 1; 
            L.25/Add. 3; 
            L.25/Add. 3/Corr. 1; 
            L.25/Add. 4; and 
            L.25/Rev. 1]

            Add. 22                 Protection of the Quality and 
            [WG.II/L.17/Rev. 1      Supply of Freshwater Resources
            and WG.II/L.29]

            Add. 23                 Environmentally Sound Management 
            [WG.II/l.19/Add.3/      of Toxic Chemicals
            Rev.1, see also 
            documentation listed 
            for hazardous wastes, 

            Add. 24                 Environmentally Sound Management 
            [WG.II/L.26/Corr.1,     of Hazardous Wastes
            WG.II/L.28, WG.II/L.
            28/Corr. and 

            Add. 25                 Environmentally Sound Management of 
            [WG.II/L.19/Add.1/      Solid Wastes & Sewage-related issues
            Rev. 1]

            Add. 26                 Role of Regional Organizations and 

            Add. 27                 Environmentally Sound Management of 

Earth Charter Documents

            Action/Doc. No(s).      Title/Description

            WG.III/5                Working Group III
            WG.III/8.1/Rev.1/Add.1  Proposals, etc. from different 
            WG.III/L.20-28          countries

Adoption of the reports of the Working Groups

            Action/Doc. No(s).      Title/Description

            A/CONF.151/PC/          WG I

            A/CONF.151/PC/          WG II

            A/CONF.151/PC/WG.II     WG III

Other Secretariat Reports

            Action/Doc. No(s).      Title/Description

            A/CONF.151./PC/101      Financial Resources and Mechanisms

                                    Discusses financing and cost 
                                    evaluation; and questions of 
                                    governance and coordination.  Read 
                                    in conjunction with earlier 
                                    discussion of financial resources in 
                                    document numbers (A/CONF.151/PC/18 
                                    and A/CONF.151/PC/51).

            A/CONF.151/PC/102       Institutional Proposals

            A/CONF.151/PC/103 and   Survey of Existing International 
            Add. 1                  Agreements and Instruments and Its 
                                    Follow Up

                                    Based on the findings of twelve 
                                    consultants' studies, published 
                                    separately asResearch Paper:

                                    No. 24: General Environmental 
                                    No. 25: Nature Conservation and 
                                    Terrestrial Living Resources;  
                                    No. 26: Atmosphere and Outer Space; 
                                    No. 27:  Environment and Marine 
                                    No. 28: Marine Living Resources;  
                                    No. 29: Hazardous Substances; 
                                    No. 30: Nuclear Safety; 
                                    No. 31: Working Environment; 
                                    No. 32: Liability for Environmental 
                                    No. 33: Environmental Disputes; 
                                    No. 34: Sample Bilateral Agreements; 
                                    No. 35: Relationship with Trade and 
                                    Development Instruments.

            A/CONF.151/PC/103/      Appended document: an annotated list 
            Add.1                   of international agreements and 

            A/CONF.151/PC/104 and   Oceans 
            Add.1 and A/CONF.151/
            PC/113                  Compilation of documents and 
                                    proposals submitted to the UNCED SG, 
                                    through October 1991, with later 
                                    submissions in addenda.

            A/CONF.151/PC/105       Proteccion y Ordenacion de los 
                                    Recursos de Tierras: Programma 21

            A/CONF.151/PC/106       Deforestation

            PC/107                  Atmosphere

            PC/108                  Biological Diversity

            PC/109                  Biotechnology

            PC/110                  Desertification

            PC/114                  Women in Environment and 

            PC/118                  Drought & Desertification, 
                                    Activities in the Sahel & Sahara

            PC/119, PC/122,         Recent Actions of 
            PC/123                  Relevance By Other 

            See A/CONF.151/PC/      End PrepCom IV - Consensus on role 
            CRP.3/Rev.3 and         of SG, Economic and Social Council 
            GA RES 45/264 for a     (ECOSOC)
            revitalized ECOSOC

Climate Change Preparatory Materials

Date        Action/Doc. No(s).      Title/Description

            First World Climate     World Climate Programme 
            Conference              established as main framework for 
                                    UN inter-agency climate 

18 June     Decision 14/20 of the   "Global Climate Change"
            Governing Council 
            of UNEP

11 Dec      GA RES 42/184           Agrees to attach importance to 
            A/42/184                problem of global climate change, 
                                    work with World Climate Programme, 

            GA RES 42/202

June        Recommendations         "The Changing Atmosphere: 
            published in            Implications for Global Security,"
            EP&L, Vol. 18,         Toronto, Canada 
            pp. 237-238 (1988).

Nov         Intergovernmental       Established by the UNEP and 
            Panel on Climate        the World Meterological 
            Change (IPCC)           Organization to assess scientific 
                                    information re: climate change 
                                      WG I:   Scientific Assessment of 
                                              Climate Change; 
                                      WG II:  Environmental and Socio-
                                              Economic Impacts of 
                                              Climate Change; and 
                                      WG III: Response Strategies; 
                                              Special Committee on the 
                                              Participation of 
                                              Developing Countries.

Materials from the First session of IPCC

Geneva, Switzerland, 19 November 1988

Date        Action/Doc. No(s).      Title/Description

6 Dec       GA RES 43/53            "Protection of Global Climate for 
                                    Present and Future Generation of 

            A/43/49                 Endorses IPCC and requests it 
                                    provide comprehensive review of 
                                    following on climate change: 
                                      (l) state of science; 
                                      (2) social & economic impact; 
                                      (3) possible response strategies; 
                                      (4) uses of relevant international 
                                      legal instruments; and 
                                      (5) elements for inclusion in 
                                      possible international treaty.

20-22       Meeting of the Legal    Statement entitled, 
Feb         and Policy, Experts     "Protection of the Atmosphere"
           Ottawa, Ontario,
            Canada A/C.2/44/2

            25 May 1989 -           "Global Climate Change"
            Decision 15/36 of
            the Governing Council   Requests UNEP and WMO to 
            of UNEP.                begin preparation for a FCCC.

Materials from the Second Session of IPCC

Nairobi, Kenya, 25 - 30 June 1989

Date        Action/Doc. No(s).      Title/Description

11-13       Conference on Global    One half focused on "The Changing 
Sept        Environment, Tokyo,     Atmosphere"

            Chairman's Summary 
            reprinted in EP&L, 
            Vol. 20, pp. 60-63 

6-7         Ministerial Conference  Declaration on Atmospheric 
Oct         on Atmospheric          Pollution
            Pollution and Climate   and Climate Change
            Change, Noordwijk, 
            The Netherlands

            A/C.2/44/5              Requests IPCC investigate 
                                    quantitative emission targets for 
                                    CO2; notion of CO2 equivalence; and 
                                    goals for net forest growth.

14-18       A/C.2/44/7, annex       Declaration on the Global Warming 
Nov                                 of the Small States Conference on 
                                    Sea Level Rise, Malé

17-21       World Conference on     Declaration entitled, "The Cairo 
Dec         Preparing for Climate   Compact" Convened by Climate 
            Change, Cairo, Egypt.   Institute, UNEP and Egypt

            Reprinted inEP&L, 
            Vol. 20, pp. 59-60 

19          GA RES  44/862          "Protection of Global Climate for 
Dec                                 Future and Present Generation of 

            A/44/862                Summarized existing documents 
                                    before PrepCom.

            GA RES 44/172           "Implementation of Plan of Action to 
                                    Combat Desertification"

22          GA RES 44/205           "Possible Adverse Effects of 
Dec                                 Sea-Level Rise on Island and Coastal 
                                    Areas, Particularly Low-Lying 
                                    Coastal Areas"

            GA RES 44/207           "Protection of Global Climate for 
                                    Present and Future Generations of 

                                    Emphasizes the urgent need to 
                                    begin drafting framework convention 
                                    on climate change.

Materials from the Third Session of IPCC

Washington, DC, 5 - 7 February 1990

Reviewed work of the three IPCC working groups (on science, impacts, and response strategies) and to ensure adequate coordination towards complete report. Reviewed Noordwijk Declaration. [See summary in EP&L, Vol. 20, pp. 70-71 (1990)].

Date        Action/Doc. No(s).      Title/Description

2 Apr       Decisions of the 
            Governing Council of 
            the UNEP on Frame-
            work for Climate 
            Change Convention, 
            IPCC and the Second 
            World Climate Change 

2-4 May     International           Calls for umbrella convention
            Conference on Global    to protect atmosphere, lists 
            Warming and Climate     elements for convention to 
            Change: African         contain, states urgent need 
            Perspectives,           for protocols on CO2 and 
            Nairobi, Kenya          other greenhouse gases.

            reprinted in EP&L, 
            Vol. 20, pp. 234 

June        IPCC Report of Special  Identifies factors which 
            Committee on the        inhibit participation: 
            Participation of        insufficient information; 
            Developing Countries    insufficient communication; 
                                    limited human resources; 
            EP&L, Vol. 20,         institutional difficulties; 
            pp. 230-231 (1990).     limited financial resources.

August      Decision SS.II/3B       With resolution 2.6/1 
            of the Governing        (EC-XLII) of 22 June 1990 of 
            Council of UNEP.        the Executive Council of WMO, to 
                                    follow work of IPCC for framework 
                                    convention on climate change and 
                                    relate legal instruments, to 
                                    incorporate, as appropriate other 
                                    major related meetings including 
                                    the Second World Climate Change 

Materials from the Fourth Session of IPCC

Sundsvall, Sweden, 27 - 30 August 1990

Date        Action/Doc. No(s).      Title/Description

31 Aug      IPCC Scientific         Calls for immediate 1-2%/year
            Assessment Report,      reduction in CO2 emissions to
            (IPCC First             stabilize by mid 21st 
            Assesment Report        century; 15-25% reduction 
            1990)                   CH4.  CO2 contributes 55% to 
                                    global warming, CFCs approx. 24% and 
                                    CH4 15%.  75% CO2 comes from 
                                    industrialized countries: USA & the 
                                    former USSR account for 40%.  
                                    Simulates temperature rise if 
                                    business-as-usual and three other 
                                    scenarios. Identifies elements for a 
                                    framework convention.

24-26       First Meeting Ad Hoc    Convened by UNEP & WMO 
Sep         Working Group           following IPCC Report.  
            Government Repre-       Recommends establishment of 
            sentatives to Prepare   single negotiating process to
            for Negotiations on     discuss policy issues and 
            a Framework             respond to Assembly 
            Convention on Climate   decisions.
            Change (FCCC)

            UNEP/WMO, Prep./

29 Oct-
7 Nov       Second World Climate    First week devoted to 
            Conference, Geneva,     scientific and technical 
            Switzerland             bases of climate change, IPCC 
                                    Report considered.  Second week 
                                    was a ministerial conference, 
                                    Declaration issued.

            A/45/696/Add. 1

21 Dec      GA RES 45/212           "Protection of global climate for 
                                    present and future generations of 

            A/45/212                Based on reports of the Second 
                                    Committee, Document Number 
                                    (A/45/851). Establishes single 
                                    Intergovernmental Negotiating 
                                    Committee under its auspices (also 
                                    supported by UNEP and WMO) for 
                                    preparation of an effective 
                                    Framework Convention on Climate 
                                    Change ready for signature at UNCED 
                                    (INC/FCCC).  IPCC function is 
                                    technical and scientific 

Dec         Report of the UNCED SG  "Protection of global climate for 
            A/45/696/Add. 1         present and future generation of 

Materials from the First Meeting INC/FCCC

Chantilly, Virginia, 4 - 14 February 1991

            Action/Doc. No(s).      Title/Description

            A/AC/.237/6             Convention should cover: emissions; 
                                    sinks; technology transfer;  
                                    financial resources & funding 
                                    mechanisms for developing countries; 
                                    international scientific & 
                                    technological co-operation; measures 
                                    to combat adverse effects climate 
                                    change, particularly small islands, 
                                    low-lying coastal areas, flooding & 
                                    drought prone areas.

            A/AC.237/L.5            Adopts decisions on organizational 

                                    Establishes WG I - to prepare 
                                    text dealing with appropriate 
                                    commitments limiting CO2, technology 
                                    transfer, special needs developing 
                                    countries: WG II - to consider legal 
                                    & institutional mechanisms, such as 
                                    entry into force, monitoring, 
                                    scientific cooperation.  General 
                                    feeling frustration, main stumbling 
                                    block how to reduce CO2.  European 
                                    States want binding agreement, USA 
                                    does not.

Materials from the Second Session of INC/FCCC

Geneva, Switzerland, 19 - 28 June 1991

            Action/Doc. No(s).      Title/Description

            A/AC/.237/9             Decided that WG I should also 
                                    address issues of principles and
            See EP&L, Vol. 21,     definition, compilation
            pp. 193-195 (1991).     of principles available at end of 
                                    session.  Re: commitments, "Pledge 
                                    and review" concept proposed -- 
                                    states unilaterally propose specific 
                                    actions, etc. to curb greenhouse gas 
                                    emissions, then international body 
                                    reviews its performance. Proponents 
                                    argue: would ratchet towards 
                                    stricter commitments by states; 
                                    review promotes transparency and 
                                    accountability) and transfer of 
                                    financial resources and 

            A/A.237/Misc.           Set of Informal Papers Provided by 
            17/Add. 1-10            Delegations Related to the 
                                    Preparation of a Framework 
                                    Convention on Climate Change

Materials from the Third Session INC/FCCC

Nairobi, Kenya, 9 - 20 September 1991

            Action/Doc. No(s).      Title/Description

            A/AC.237/12             Report of the Work of the INC

Materials from the Fourth Session INC/FCCC

Geneva, Switzerland, 9 - 20 December 1991

Date        Action/Doc. No(s).      Title/Description

            A/AC.237/13             Revised Provisional Agenda

            A/AC.237/15 & Corr. 1   Report of the work of the INC

            A/AC.237/L.100          Draft Provisional Agenda for 5th 

            A/AC.237/Misc. 1/Add.   Informal Papers and Notes
            15,  Misc. 14, Misc.
            14/Rev. 1

            A/AC.237/12 and         Consolidated Working Documents
            Add. 1-9

            See also, A/A.237/      Text from WGs consolidated 
            Misc.17 & Add.1-8       into single document containing 
                                    eight sections.  Extensive 
                                    discussion of joint implementation, 
                                    a clearinghouse mechanism, tradeable 
                                    emission permits and "pledge-and-

19 Dec      GA RES 46/169           "Protection of the Global Climate 
                                    for Present and Future Generations 
                                    of Mankind"

Materials from the Fifth Session INC/FCCC (Part I)

New York, New York, 18 - 28 February 1992

           Action/Doc. No(s).       Title/Description

           A/AC.237/16              Provisional Agenda

           A/AC.237/L.12            Report of the INC

           A/AC/.237/18,            Revised consolidated text under 
           Misc.18, Misc. 20        negotiation

Materials from the Fifth Session INC/FCCC (Part II)

New York, New York, 30 April - 9 May 1992

Text of convention agreed to May 9, 1992, opened for signature, will remain open until June 19, 1993.

Date        Action/Doc. No(s).      Title/Description

9 May       Resolution on           Requests UNCED SG to arrange 
            Interim Arrangements    for a session of the Committee 
                                    and the First Session of the 
                                    Conference of the Parties.  Appeals 
                                    for voluntary contributions.

Biodiversity Preparatory Materials

17 June 1986

            Action/Doc. No(s).      Title/Description

            Decision 14/26 of       Decides to investigate the 
            the Governing Council   desirability and possible 
            of UNEP Establishing    formation of an umbrella 
            Ad Hoc Working Group    convention to rationalize 
            of Experts in           current activities in the 
            Biological Diversity    field of biological 
            (WG/EXBIO)              diversity.  To collaborate with 
                                    the the Food and Agriculture 
            UNEP/GCSS.II/2 &        Organization of the UN, the 
            Corr.1, paras. 43-45,   UN Educational Scientific and
            UNEP/GCSS.II/2/Add. 3,  Cultural Organization and the
            paras. 18-32            International Union for 
                                    Conservation of Nature and Natural 
                                    Resources Subworking group on 

Materials from the First Meeting WG/EXBIO

Geneva, Switzerland, 16 - 18 November 1988

Date        Action/Doc. No(s).      Title/Description

            UNEP/Bio.Div.1/         Report prepared by WG/EX/BIO
            Inf. 1

            UNEP/Bio.Div.1/2        Note by the Executive Director

                                    Discusses "complimentarity" 
                                    between certain conventions in 
                                    area of habitat protection, 
                                    migratory species protection and 
                                    trade in endangered species.

            See summary, EP&L,     Other Discussions and 
            Vol. 19, pp. 6-7        Recommendations
                                    Need to reach common 
                                    understanding of the meaning of 
                                    conservation of biological 
                                    diversity, etc.

25          Decision 15/34 of       "Preparation of an International 
May         the Governing Council   Legal Instrument on the 
            of the UNEP             Bio-Diversity of the Planet"
2 Apr       Decision of the         "International Legal Instruments on 
            Governing Council       the Bio-Diversity of the Planet"
            of the UNEP

            UNEP/GC/SS/II/2/        "Priority Evolving Environmental 
            and Add. 3              Issues"

Materials from the Second Meeting of WG/EXBIO

New York, New York, 25 February - 6 March 1991

            Action/Doc. No(s).      Title/Description

            UNEP/Bio.Div/WG.2/2/2   Preliminary Draft Convention

Materials from the Third Meeting WG/EXBIO

Madrid, Spain, 24 June-3 July 1991

Group renamed Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee for a Framework Convention on Biological Diversity (INC/BD).

Date        Action/Doc. No(s).      Title/Description

            UNEP/Bio.Div/WG/2/3/3   Revised Draft Convention on 
                                    Biological Diversity
16 Aug      The Hague 
            Recommendations on 
            Environmental Law

23 Sep-
2 Oct       Meeting of INC/BD

25 Nov-
4 Dec       Meeting  of INC/BD 
            Geneva, Switzerland

6-15        Meeting of INC/BD,
Feb         Nairobi, Kenya

11 Feb      IV World Congress       Releases Global Biodiversity 
            on Parks and Protected  Strategy prepared by IUCN in 
            Areas, Caracas,         collaboration with UNEP and 
            Venezuela               World Resource Institute.

20 Feb      Declaration of Canela   Statement of the common 
                                    biodiversity goals of the five 
                                    southern most American 

18-21       Final Meeting of        Originally unscheduled 
May         INC/BD, Nairobi,        meeting before UNCED to try 
            Kenya                   to work out language.  Agreement                                     
                                    reached 21 May 1992.

            Resolution 1            Interim Financial Arrangements  

            Reprinted in ILM,       Invites the Global 
            Vol. 31, p. 843 (1992). Environmental Facility to operate 
                                    the financial mechanism until first 
                                    meeting of the Conference of the 

            Resolution 2            International cooperation for the
                                    Conservation of Biological Diversity 
                                    and the Sustainable Use of its 
                                    Components Pending the Entry into 
                                    Force of the Convention on 
                                    Biological Diversity

            Reprinted in ILM,       Calls for various forms of 
            Vol. 31, pp. 843-5.     international cooperation such as 
                                    contribution of monies and providing 
                                    of information until the Convention 
                                    enters into force, after 
                                    ratification by thirty signing 

            Resolution 3            The Interrelationship Between the 
                                    Convention on Biological Diversity 
            Reprinted in ILM,      and the Promotion of 
            Vol. 31, p. 846.        Sustainable Agriculture

            Resolution 4            Tribute to the Government of the 
                                    Republic of Kenya
            Not reprinted in ILM.

            United States           In signing the final text, 
            Declaration Made At     the U.S. delegations supports
            the United Nations      the conservation of 
            Environment Programme   biodiversity, regrets that a 
            Conference the          number of issues of concern 
            Adoption of the         to the U.S. have not been 
            Agreed Text on the      resolved, finds the text's 
            Convention on           treatment of intellectual 
            Biological Diversity    property rights, finances and 
                                    technology transfer and 
                                    biotechnology unsatisfactory, and 
                                    believes the preparation of the 
                                    Convention deprived delegations of 
                                    the ability to consider the 
            Reprinted in ILM,       text as a whole before 
            Vol.31, p. 848 (1992)   adoption.  

Final Document

            Action/Doc. No(s).      Title/Description

            A/CONF.151/5 and        UNCED Recommends that the General 
           /6/Rev. 1                Assembly Endorse its Statements at 
                                    its 47th Session.