Indigenous/Native Peoples Mailing Lists


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AISESNET  | |American Indian Science/Engineering Soc.
DATPERS   | |Dalit and Tribal Peoples Resource Site
EIRP      | |Extension Indian Reservation Program
HOOKUPS   | unpublished |Building Native American/Alaskan/Hawaiian Networks
INDIAN-NE | |Cooperative Extension Indian Programs
            (Note: The correct and full list name is INDIAN-NET)
INDKNOW   | |Indigenous Knowledge Systems
IROQUOIS  | |Language(s): Iroquoian
NAT-EDU   | |Educational Issues of Indigenous People
NAT-HLTH  | |Health Issues of Native Peoples
NAT-LANG  | |Languages of Indigenous People
NAT-1492  | |The legacy of Christopher Columbus
NATCHAT   | |Indigenous Peoples Discussion
NATIVE-L  | |Indigenous Peoples Information
NATIVELIT | |Native American Literature
            (Note: The full and proper list name is NATIVELIT-L)
NATIVEPRO | |Native American/Alaskan Professoriate
            (Note: Persons using this list must be members of Arizona State)
            (University, or be sponsored by a member of that organization.)
            (This list is not intended for use by the general public.)
            (Note: The full and proper list name is NATIVEPROFS-L)
NIRI      | |National Indian Policy Research Institute