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File Transfer Protocol Instructions for Submission


Another method you can use to access the CIESIN Kiosk is File Transfer Protocol (FTP). FTP is an interactive program used to transfer files between computers. The following instructions can be used to submit a Kiosk paper from any ftp site:

  1. Type ftp
  2. At the login prompt, type anonymous.
  3. At the password prompt, enter your e-mail address (such as
  4. To access the directory of Kiosk papers, change directories using cd kiosk/submissions.
  5. To submit the file, save the file in the ascii (text) format and name it using a .txt extension. If the files are in other format, name it using the following extensions:

    .dwp = WordPerfect for DOS
    .dmw = Microsoft Word for DOS
    .wwp = WordPerfect for Windows
    .wmw = Microsoft Word for Windows
    .mwp = WordPerfect for Macintosh
    .mmw = Microsoft Word for Macintosh

  6. Type put <filename>.
  7. To close the connection, type quit.
  8. For further information about accessing papers, copyrights, and submissions, type get kiosk-FAQ.txt.

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Last modified 27 February 1995.