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Code Number: 94-0001
Date: 3.16.94
Author(s): David Campbell, Jennifer Olson, Len Berry
Title: Population pressure, agricultural productivity, land degradation in Rwanda

Code Number: 94-0002
Date: 3.16.94
Author(s): Daniel G. Brown
Title: Issues and alternative approaches for the integration and application of societal and environmental data within a GIS

Code Number: 94-0003
Date: 3.21.94
Author(s): Robert Worcester
Title: Societal values and attitudes to human dimensions of global environmental change

Code Number: 94-0004
Date: 3.23.94
Author: Michael Warren
Title: Indigenous knowledge, biodiversity conservation, and development

Code Number: 94-0005
Date: 4.3.94
Author(s): Conrad Kottak, Lisa Gezon, Glen Green
Title: Deforestation and biodiversity preservation in Madagascar: The view from above and below

Code Number: 94-0006
Date: 4.4.94
Author(s): N. R. Nijhawan
Title: Global Environmental Change: India's Response and Initiatives

Code Number: 94-0007
Date: 4.6.94
Author(s): N. S. Jodha
Title: Enhancing food security in a warmer and more crowded world: The factors and processes in the fragile resource zones

Code Number: 94-0008*
Date: 4.28.94
Author(s): Mike Thomas
Title: Planning and building a global land use database to address environmental issues

Code Number: 94-0009
Date: 5.2.94
Author(s): Robert U. Ayres, William H. Schlesinger, Robert H. Socolow
Title: Human impacts on the carbon and nitrogen cycles

Code Number: 94-0010
Date: 5.12.94
Author(s): Susanne Sallin
Title: The Association for Progressive Communications: A cooperative effort to meet the information needs of non-governmental organizations

Code Number: 94-0011
Date: 6.10.94
Author(s): Robert Blake
Title: Feeding 10 billion people in 2050: The key role of the CGIAR's International Agricultural Research Centers

Code Number: 94-0012*
Date: 6.24.94
Author(s): Shelby L. Uritz
Title: Life boat ethics--sink or swim: An independent population policy study

1994 Conference on Computing for the Social Sciences (CSS)
Code Number: 94-0013
Date: 6.14.94
Author(s): Richard C. Rockwell, ICPSR, Joseph Hardin, NCSA, Don Hockney, CIESIN, Peter Joftis, ICPSR, Melanie Loots, NCSA, Larry Travis, CIESIN
Title: Three revolutions in social science computing

Code Number: 94-0014
Date: 6.20.94
Author(s): Robert S. Chen
Title: Accessing global data and information over networks: Promises and pitfalls

Code Number: 94-0015
Date: 7.07.94
Author(s): Pieter van Beukering
Title: A voluntary emission reduction reporting program in the United States

Code Number: 94-0016
Date: 7.07.94
Author(s): P. van Beukering, Prof. P. Vellinga
Title: Climate change, from science to global politics

Code Number: 94-0017
Date: 7.08.94
Author(s): Richard S. J. Tol
Title: The Climate Fund - Optimal greenhouse gas emission abatement

Code Number: 94-0018
Date: 7.08.94
Author(s): A. A. Olsthoorn, Richard S. J. Tol
Title: Socio-economic and policy aspects of changes in the incidence and intensity of extreme (weather) events

Code Number: 94-0019
Date: 7.09.94
Author(s): Hisschemoller
Title: International positions concerning the greenhouse effect: What northern countries are doing and how each national position is influenced by beliefs about what other countries will not do

Code Number: 94-0020
Date: 7.09.94
Author(s): Peter Haas, Ernst B. Haas
Title: Learning to learn: Some thoughts on improving global governance

Code Number: 94-0021
Date: 8.17.94
Author(s): Roy F. Weston
Title: Sustainable development: The economic model of the future

Code Number: 94-0022
Date: 8.17.94
Author(s): Roy F. Weston
Title: Sustainable development: Free market economics and the engineering profession

Code Number: 94-0023
Date: 8.30.94
Author(s): Gottfried Mayer-Kress, William Bender, John Bazik
Title: Hyper-media on the Internet as a tool for approaching global problems: A tele-conferencing experiment

Code Number: 94-0024*
Date: 8.30.94
Author(s): A. Bootsma
Title: Is our climate changing?

Code Number: 94-0025*
Date: 8.30.94
Author(s): A. Bootsma, D. Anderson, D. Chaput
Title: Climatic change in relation to sustainable agriculture in Canada

Code Number: 94-0026
Date: 9.01.94
Author(s): Shelley Preston
Title: Electronic global networking and the NGO movement: The 1992 Rio Summit and beyond

Code Number: 94-0027
Date: 9.07.94
Author(s): Martin Holdgate
Title: Can wildlife pay for itself?

Code Number: 94-0028*
Date: 10.07.94
Author(s): R. de Jong, A. Bootsma, J. Dumanski
Title: Estimating the probability of break-even yields for continuous wheat on the Canadian prairies

Code Number: 94-0029*
Date: 10.07.94
Author(s): G. W. Bird
Title: Agriculture: Observations, prognosis and recommendations

Code Number: 94-0030
Date: 10.10.94
Author(s): Douglas A. Landis
Title: Integrating biological control into farming systems

Code Number: 94-0031
Date: 10.11.94
Author: Pritishri Parhi
Title: Indigenous child care practices of tribal mothers in Santal Tribe of Mayurbhanj, Orissa

Code Number: 94-0032
Date: 11.09.94
Author(s): Gene Thomas
Title: Re-establishment of community in a Western Society: A brief view

Code Number: 94-0033
Date: 11.09.94
Author(s): Gene Thomas
Title: Community building: Processes and projects that address the establishment of community

* Tables and figures corresponding to these papers are available in the ftp site under the directory "/kiosk/publications/otherformats/".

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