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To better understand human interactions in global environmental change, both researchers and policy makers need a method to circulate research papers and reports quickly and to promote interdisciplinary interactions and discussions. The rapid pace of research, the global diffusion of this research, and the growing number of papers now being written, along with the slow pace of publication and dissemination, mean that often months and even years go by before the results of research become known to others doing similar work.

Modeled after the online dissemination of scientific papers developed by Los Alamos National Laboratory, the CIESIN Kiosk provides for rapid electronic dissemination of unpublished research materials to others in the scientific community. Unpublished Scholarly Papers encompasses two types of materials:

You can view a complete listing of available materials in the General Index or a subject listing in the Subject Index. You can also perform a Keyword Search for items that interest you.

The materials, which are primarily textual in nature, can be accessed via File Transfer Protocol (FTP), electronic mail (available to users of services such as Omnet, Compuserve, Fidonet, and Bitnet), or the CIESIN Gopher, under CIESIN Kiosk.

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