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Marc Levy

Marc Levy Marc Levy is deputy director of CIESIN; he continues to serve on an interim basis as associate director for Science Applications. His training is in political science, and he has published on environmental sustainability indicators, environment-security connections, the effectiveness of international environmental institutions, on social learning and environmental policy-making. At CIESIN he leads work on water-conflict linkages, anthropogenic drivers of emerging infectious diseases, climate vulnerability, and other projects seeking to understand human-environment interactions in a context of global change. He serves as lead project scientist of the Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center, and coordinates CIESIN’s work for the Millennium Villages Project.

Mr. Levy served as a convening lead author for the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment and the UN Environment Program's Global Environmental Outlook 4. He serves as a member of the Political Instability Task Force, and was a member of the National Research Council committee on “Land-use Change, Ecosystem Dynamics, and Biodiversity,” which was part of the Decadal Study “Earth Science and Applications from Space:A Community Assessment and Strategy for the Future.”   

Recent Publications

King, Peter, Marc A. Levy and George Vaurghese, coordinating lead authors.“From the Periphery to the Core of Decision Making —Options For Action.” Chap. 10 in Global Environmental Outlook 4. United Nations Environment Programme, forthcoming (2007).

Levy, Marc A., Suresh Babu, and Kirk Hamilton. “Ecosystem Conditions and Human Well Being,” Chap. 5 in Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, Conditions and Trends of World’s Ecosystems. Washington, DC: Island Press, 2005.

Levy, Marc A. and Patrick Meier.“Early Warning and Assessment of Environment, Conflict, and Cooperation,” pp. 38-47 in United Nations Environment Program, Understanding Environment, Conflict, and Cooperation. UNEP and Woodrow Wilson Center, 2004.

Balk, Deborah, Adam Storeygard, Marc Levy, Joanne Gaskell, Manohar Sharma, Rafael Flor. “Child Hunger in the Developing World: An Analysis of Environmental and Social Correlates.” Food Policy 30 (2005):584-611.

Andonova, Liliana B. and Marc A. Levy.“Franchising Global Governance: Making Sense of the Johannesburg Type Two Partnerships.” Yearbook of International Co-operation on Environment and Development. 2003/2004 (Earthscan, London), 2003.

Sanderson, Eric W., Malanding Jaiteh, Marc A. Levy, Kent H. Redford, Antoinette V. Wannebo, and Gillian Woolmer. “The Human Footprint and the Last of the Wild.” BioScience 52 (October 2002):891-904.

Levy, Marc A. “Measuring Nations’ Environmental Sustainability,” in Daniel C. Esty and Peter Cornelius, ed. Environmental Performance Measurement:The Global Report 2001-2002. Oxford University Press, 2002, pp. 12-23.


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