Household Record Items on the 1940 Public Use Sample
Character Location Name Item Description H1 RECTYPE Record type: Household (H) H2-7 HHID Household identification number H8-9 RECNUM Header record identifier H10-11 SUBSAMPL Subsample number H12-15 HHWT Sampling weight for household H16 SELFWTHH Self-weighting sample identifier H17 VERIFY Verified data record H18-19 PERSONS Number of persons in household unit H20 REGION Census region H21 DIVISION Census division H22-23 STATE State of residence H24-26 SMA Standard metropolitan area (1940 equivalent) H27-29 CCSMA Central city of SMA H30 METRO Metropolitan status H31-33 SEA State economic area H34-41 EDSIMIL Enumeration District match identifier H42 HHCOMP Household composition H43 FARM Household on farm H44 SUBFAM Number of subfamilies in household H45 SECFAM Number of secondary families in household H46 HHRACE Race of household head H47-49 HHAGE Age of household head H50 RESPON Respondent's relationship to household head H51 HHCOMP40 1940 basis household composition H52-56 FAMERN Total primary family/ind. wage and salary income H57 NEARN N of wage and salary earners in primary family H58 EARN5K N of primary family members with earnings over $5,000 H59 TENURE Tenure H60-66 VALUE Value of property for specified owner units H67-70 RENT Contract monthly rent for specified renter units H71 FARMDQ Data Quality Flag H72 HHRACEDQ Data Quality Flag H73 HHAGEDQ Data Quality Flag H74 FAMERNDQ Data Quality Flag H75 NEARNDQ Data Quality Flag H76 EARN5KDQ Data Quality Flag H77 TENUREDQ Data Quality Flag H78 VALUEDQ Data Quality Flag H79 RENTDQ Data Quality Flag H80-138 Filler Zero filler
Sample Record Items on the 1940 Public Use Sample
Character Location Name Item Description S1 RECTYPE Record type: Sample Line (S) S2-7 HHID Household identification number S8-9 RECNUM Sample line record identifier S10-12 SLWT Sampling weight for sample line person S13-14 PRECNUM Person record identifier (RECNUM) of sample line person S15 SELFWTSL Self-weighting sample line person sample identifier S16-17 STATEF State of birth of father S18-19 CTRYF Father's foreign country of birth S20-21 DIVISF Census division of father's state of birth S22 REGF Census region of father's state of birth S23-24 STATEM State of birth of mother S25-26 CTRYM Mother's foreign country of birth S27-28 DIVISM Census division of mother's state of birth S29 REGM Census region of mother's state of birth S30-31 LANG40 1940 basis mother tongue code S32-34 LANG80 1980 basis mother tongue code S35 VETERN Veteran status S36 CHIVET Mortality status of child's veteran father S37 MILIT Period of veteran's military service S38 SSN Social Security Number S39 DEDUCT Deductions for old age insurance, RR retirement S40-42 UOCCUP Usual occupation S43-45 UINDUS Usual industry S46 UCLASS Usual class of worker S47 MULMAR Whether married more than once S48-49 AGEWED Age at first marriage S50-51 CHILDS Number of children ever born S52 STATEFDQ Data Quality Flag S53 CTRYFDQ Data Quality Flag S54 DIVISFDQ Data Quality Flag S55 REGFDQ Data Quality Flag S56 STATEMDQ Data Quality Flag S57 CTRYMDQ Data Quality Flag S58 DIVISMDQ Data Quality Flag S59 REGMDQ Data Quality Flag S60 LANG40DQ Data Quality Flag S61 LANG80DQ Data Quality Flag S62 VETERNDQ Data Quality Flag S63 CHIVETDQ Data Quality Flag S64 MILITDQ Data Quality Flag S65 SSNDQ Data Quality Flag S66 DEDUCTDQ Data Quality Flag S67 UOCCUPDQ Data Quality Flag S68 UINDUSDQ Data Quality Flag S69 UCLASSDQ Data Quality Flag S70 MULMARDQ Data Quality Flag S71 AGEWEDDQ Data Quality Flag S72 CHILDSDQ Data Quality Flag S73-138 Filler Zero filler
Person Record Items on the 1940 Public Use Sample
Character Location Name Item Description P1 RECTYPE Record type: Person (P) P2-7 HHID Household identification number P8-9 RECNUM Person record identifier P10 SLPERSON Census sample line person P11-12 RELATE Detailed relationship to household head P13 GQMEMB Group Quarters membership P14 INSTYP 1940 basis institution type code P15 SEX Sex P16 RACE Race or ethnicity of person P17 SPANIS 1980 basis spanish surname code P18-20 AGE Age in years P21-22 AGEMO Age in months for persons under 1 year old P23 MARSTA Marital status P24-25 SCHOOL Highest grade of school completed P26 ENROLL Attended school since March 1, 1940 P27-28 STATBI State of birth P29-30 CTRYBI Foreign country of birth P31-32 DIVSBI Census division of state of birth P33 REGBI Census region of state of birth P34 CITZEN Citizenship of persons not U.S. citizens by birth P35-36 EMPLOY Employment status P37-38 HRWORK Hours worked P39-41 WKUNEM Weeks unemployed up to March 30, 1940 P42-44 OCCUP Current occupation P45-47 INDUS Current industry P48 CLASS Current class of worker P49-50 WKWORK Weeks worked in 1939 P51-54 EARN Annual wage and salary income in 1939 P55 NONWAG 1939 income of $50 or more from nonWS sources P56 FAMUNIT Family unit membership P57-58 FAMSIZE Family size of unit indicated in FAMUNIT P59 FAMREL Family relationship summary P60 FAMTYPE Family type and presence of own children P61 SUBFUNIT Subfamily unit membership P62 SUBFSIZE Subfamily size for unit in SUBFUNIT P63 SUBFREL Relationship to head of subfamily P64 SUBFTYPE Subfamily type and presence of own children P65 RESP Respondent indicator P66 SURSIM Surname similarity code P67-68 STAT35 State of residence, 1935 P69-70 CTRY35 Country or outlying area of residence, 1935 P71-73 SMA35 Standard metropolitan area, 1935 P74 METR35 Metropolitan status, 1935 P75-77 SEA35 State economic area, 1935 P78-80 CCSM35 Central city of SMA, 1935 P81-82 DIVS35 Census division, 1935 P83 REG35 Census region, 1935 P84 FARM35 Farm residence, 1935 P85 MIGSTA Migration status classification P86-89 MIGDIS Mileage between 1935 and 1940 counties of residence P90 SAMHOU Lived in same house in 1935 and 1940 P91 SAMPLA Lived in same incorporated place in 1935 and 1940 P92-93 SAMSMA Lived in same standard metropolitan area in 1935 and 1940 P94 SAMSEA Lived in same state economic area in 1935 and 1940 P95-96 SACCSM Same Central City of SMA, 1935 and 1940 P97 RELATEDQ Data Quality Flag P98 GQMEMBDQ Data Quality Flag P99 INSTYPDQ Data Quality Flag P100 SEXDQ Data Quality Flag P101 RACEDQ Data Quality Flag P102 SPANISDQ Data Quality Flag P103 AGEDQ Data Quality Flag P104 AGEMODQ Data Quality Flag P105 MARSTADQ Data Quality Flag P106 SCHOOLDQ Data Quality Flag P107 ENROLLDQ Data Quality Flag P108 STATBIDQ Data Quality Flag P109 CTRYBIDQ Data Quality Flag P110 DIVSBIDQ Data Quality Flag P111 REGBIDQ Data Quality Flag P112 CITZENDQ Data Quality Flag P113 EMPLOYDQ Data Quality Flag P114 HRWORKDQ Data Quality Flag P115 WKUNEMDQ Data Quality Flag P116 OCCUPDQ Data Quality Flag P117 INDUSDQ Data Quality Flag P118 CLASSDQ Data Quality Flag P119 WKWORKDQ Data Quality Flag P120 EARNDQ Data Quality Flag P121 NONWAGDQ Data Quality Flag P122 SURSIMDQ Data Quality Flag P123 STAT35DQ Data Quality Flag P124 CTRY35DQ Data Quality Flag P125 SMA35DQ Data Quality Flag P126 METR35DQ Data Quality Flag P127 SEA35DQ Data Quality Flag P128 CCSM35DQ Data Quality Flag P129 DIVS35DQ Data Quality Flag P130 REG35DQ Data Quality Flag P131 FARM35DQ Data Quality Flag P132 MIGSTADQ Data Quality Flag P133 MIGDISDQ Data Quality Flag P134 SAMHOUDQ Data Quality Flag P135 SAMPLADQ Data Quality Flag P136 SAMSMADQ Data Quality Flag P137 SAMSEADQ Data Quality Flag P138 SACCSMDQ Data Quality Flag