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World Tables Dataset Guide

Dataset Abstract/Summary

World Tables, published annually, provides the most detailed collection of economic data and socioeconomic indicators published by the World Bank. Standardized data presented for numerous inividual countries (161,1994 edition) make this an ideal reference for international comparisons. A Supplement containing revised data is published approximately six months after the main volume. Data are presented as annual times series covering multiple years (1972-1992, 1994 edition), and are presented as Topical Pages or as Country Pages.

The World Tables disseminates, with little delay, country estimates used by the Bank in analysis of economic and social trends in developing countries, which emphasizes Bank borrowers. To make the volume a more useful resource, other economies are covered to the extent that they provide internationally comparable measures in readily usable form; these are not subject to detailed scrutiny by Bank staff. Data for high-income OECD economies are based on reports of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). National publications are used for the remaining economies. Such sources, generally specified in the Country Notes, should be consulted by readers wishing to be assured of the most timely and complete reports.

Country time series are also used by the Bank to measure trends in groups of countries, notably for the Bank's World Development Report (WDR), including the World Development Indicators (WDI) section. The World Tables topical pages fill a gap between the country pages and measures for analytical groupings of countries given in the WDR and WDI.

Archival and Access Information

The World Bank is responsible for archival of the World Tables dataset.

The dataset is available in both print and on magnetic tape or diskettes. Access is available via the World Bank's Public Information Center.

World Tables is available through CIESIN's Gateway.

Dataset Variables

Dataset variables, and variable categories (in order of appearance on Country Pages) are as follows:

Data Acquisition/Collection Summary

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